Parleys Diesel Performance Black Friday Sale

Parleys Diesel Performance Black Friday Sale

Welcome to our Black Friday sale!
This is our biggest sale of the year with new deals opening up between now and Black Friday (the 24th of November).
Each brand included in the sale has its own window of opportunity, so be sure to read the details posted below and plan accordingly as you shop.

Sales Beginning on 11/14/2023


K&N Intakes $50 off -  Now until 12/26/23

K&N Black Friday imageCheck out the bargains on products by K&N.
K&N Intakes


Airaid Intakes $50 off -  Now until 12/26/23

Airaid Black Friday imageMaximize your engine efficiency with products from Airaid!
AIRAID MXP Cold Air Intakes
AIRAID CAD Cold Air Intakes


AEM Intakes $50 off - Now until 12/26/23

AEM Black Friday imageBoost your performance with a new air intake by AEM.
AEM Cold Air Intakes
AEM Brute Force Intakes
AEM Brute Force HD Diesel Air Intakes


Sales Beginning on 11/15/2023

Injen - 20% off - 11/15/23 - 12/15/23

Injen Black Friday ImageGive your engine a breath of fresh air with these products from Injen Technology!
Injen Cold Air Intake
Injen Intercooler Tubes


MBRP - 15% off - 11/15/23 - 12/3/23

MBRP Black Friday ImageSoup up your ride with these products from MBRP.
MBRP Exhaust Systems
MBRP Mufflers
MBRP Exhaust Pipes
MBRP Exhaust Tips
MBRP Exhaust Resonators
MBRP Exhaust Adapters


Sales Beginning on 11/20/2023

Bully Dog - up to 30% - 11/20/23 - 11/30/23

Bully Dog Black Friday ImageIncrease your performance with a new tuner from Bully Dog!
Bully Dog GT Tuner & Monitor
Bully Dog BDX Programmer
Bully Dog Thruster


SCT - up to 30% - 11/20/23 - 11/30/23

SCT Black Friday ImageLooking for some new tunes? SCT has you covered.
SCT X4 Tuner
SCT Livewire TS+ Tuner
SCT Livewire Vision

Bully Dog Big Rig - up to 35% - 11/20/23 - 11/30/23

Bully Dog Big Rig Black Friday ImageLooking for a way to increase your engine performance? Check out the amazing products by Bully Dog Big Rig.
Bully Dog Big Rig Turbos
Bully Dog Big Rig Exhaust Manifolds
Bully Dog Big Rig Turbo + Exhaust Manifold Combos
Bully Dog Big Rig Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner
Bully Dog Big Rig ECM Tuners
Bully Dog Big Rig Heavy Duty WatchDog
Bully Dog Big Rig Intake Manifolds


Full Tilt Performance- up to 35% - 11/20/23 - 11/30/23

Full Tilt Black Friday ImageMaximize your engine performance with these products from Full Tilt Performance.
Full Tilt Performance Exhaust Manifolds
Full Tilt Performance Intake Manifolds
Full Tilt Performance Turbos


Ag Diesel - 10% off - 11/20/23 - 11/30/23

AG Diesel Black Friday imageClick on the banner above to see the 100+ products available from AG Diesel!


Hypertech - 10% off - 11/20/23 - 11/30/23

Hypertech Black Friday ImageGive your vehicle a powerful tune-up with these products from Hypertech.
Hypertech Max Energy Spectrum Tuner
Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator


Andersen Hitches - 10% off - 11/20/23 - 11/30/23

Andersen Hitches Black Friday ImageMake your tow jobs enjoyable with Andersen Hitches!
Andersen Hitches Ultimate Connection 5th Wheel Hitch
Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch
Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch
Andersen Hitches Ranch Hitch Adapter
Andersen Hitches EZ Hitch
Andersen Hitches Accessories


Sales Beginning on 11/22/2023

PDI - 15% off - 11/23/23 - 11/29/23

PDI Black Friday Sale ImageGive your engine the power it needs with these products from PDI!
PDI Big Boss Performance Tuners
PDI Big Boss Performance Packages
PDI Big Boss Dual Oil Cooler
PDI Big Boss Intake Manifolds
PDI Big Boss Exhaust Manifolds
PDI Big Boss Turbos
PDI Big Boss Turbo + Exhaust Manifold Combos
PDI Aluminum Oil Fill Tubes & Caps


Mishimoto - 10% off - 11/22/23 - 11/29/23

Mishimoto Black Friday Sale ImageKeep things cool with these products from MISHIMOTO.
Mishimoto Intercoolers
Mishimoto Intercooler Pipes
Mishimoto Intercooler Boot Kits
Mishimoto Transmission Coolers
Mishimoto Performance Aluminum Radiators
Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator Fan Shroud Kits
Mishimoto Coolant Filter Kits
Mishimoto Intake Elbows
Mishimoto Oil Catch Cans
Mishimoto Silicone Coolant Hose Kits
Mishimoto Silicone Radiator Hose Kits


Weigh Safe - 10% off - 11/22/23 - 11/29/23

Weigh Safe Black Friday SaleEnjoy the best tow of your life with Weigh Safe!
Weigh Safe True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch
Weigh Safe Drop Hitch
Weigh Safe 180 Hitch


Sales Beginning on 11/23/2023


Bushwacker - 10% off - 11/23/23 - 11/28/23

Bushwacker Black Friday Sale imageTravel in style with the deals from Bushwacker.
Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flares
Bushwacker Max Coverage Pocket Style Fender Flares
Bushwacker DRT Style Fender Flares
Bushwacker Extend-A-Fender Flares
Bushwacker Flat Style Fender Flares
Bushwacker OE Style Fender Flares
Bushwacker Pocket Style Color Matched Fender Flares
Bushwacker Boss Pocket Style Fender Flares
Bushwacker Cut-Out Fender Flares


Edge - 10% off - 11/23/23 - 11/28/23

Edge Black Friday Sale imageGet yourself some new tunes with Edge Tuners and Programmers!
Edge Juice with Attitude CTS3
Edge Juice with Attitude CS2
Edge EZX Module
EDGE Evolution CTS3
EDGE Evolution CS2
Edge Insite CTS3 Monitors
Edge Pulsar
Edge EvoHT2 Tuner
Edge EZ Module
Edge Revolver 7.3L Chip


AirDog - 10% off - 11/23/23 - 11/28/23

Airdog Black Friday Sale imageSave on these products by Airdog!
AirDog Original 4G Lift Pumps
Air Dog II-5G Lift Pumps
Air Dog Raptor 4G Lift Pumps
Airdog Replacement Filters


Diablosport - 10% off - 11/23/23 - 11/28/23

Diablosport Black Friday SaleFind a new tune for your vehicle with these Diablosport Products.
Diablosport Trinity T2 EX
Diablosport inTune i3


AMP Research - 10% off - 11/23/23 - 11/28/23

AMP Black Friday Sale ImageCheck out these products by AMP Research!
AMP Research Powerstep
AMP Research Powerstep XL
AMP Research Powerstep XTreme
AMP ResearchBedstep/Bumperstep
AMP Research Bedstep 2/Side step
AMP Research BedXtender HD Max


Sales Beginning on 11/24/2023


FASS - 5% off - 11/24/23 - 11/28/23

FASS Black Friday Sale ImageIncrease your fuel efficiency with these products from FASS Fuel Pumps
FASS Titanium Signature Series Diesel Lift Pumps
FASS Industrial Series Fuel Lift Pumps
FASS DRP Series Fuel Lift Pumps
FASS Max Flow Enhancer Pumps
FASS Adjustable Signature Series Fuel Pumps
FASS Replacement Filters


Fleece - 10% off - 11/24/23 - 12/8/23 

Fleece Black Friday Sale ImageCheck out the available Fleece Products.
Fleece Cheetah Turbos
Fleece PowerFlo Lift Pumps
Fleece Sureflo Sending Units
Fleece Injection Pumps
Fleece Coolant Bypass Kits
Fleece Transmission Line Kits


Posted on: November 16, 2023


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