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The PDI Intake Manifold

What is an Air Intake manifold?

The air intake manifold is a vital component of your diesel engine’s air intake system. The total build of your air intake system will be different depending on your vehicle, but one part that all diesel engines have is the air intake manifold. The function of the air intake is to channel air into the fuel injectors in the cylinder head. While that may not seem very important, the truth is without that air your diesel engine will not work. 

Why does the cylinder head need air?

There are three reasons why having proper airflow to your cylinder head is important. The first one is that the amount of fuel released by the fuel injectors is based directly on the amount of pressurized air going through your air intake system. The second reason is that the combustion chambers inside the cylinder head require air to work their magic. Without air (oxygen) combustion can’t happen. And finally, the fuel, which the injectors spray out in a fine mist, is carried into the combustion chamber on that air.
Inside the combustion chamber, there is an ignition plug which causes a spark. However, the ignition plug would be completely useless without the air intake sending the necessary ingredients of fuel and oxygen. This is why having a good air intake manifold is so important.

Let your engine breathe with a PDI Intake Manifold

Now that we know why we need to have proper airflow to the engine and cylinder head, let's look at the benefits of increased airflow. OEM air intake manifolds are designed to give diesel engines the amount of air that they need to meet a wide range of applications and needs, but sometimes it isn’t enough! . Think about the amount of air your body needs when it is walking vs running. As your body exercises, it requires more oxygen to function, and it needs it at a faster rate as well. Diesel engines work in much the same way.

When the engine is pulling a heavy load, going uphill, or increasing in speed, the combustion chambers require more oxygen to meet the increased demand, and sometimes the amount given by the stock manifold is not up to the task. If your engine is having difficulty accelerating or lacks the power that you think it should have, the reason for its weakness may be a lack of oxygen. The good news is that, unlike humans who have to train to increase their lung capacity, you can switch out your OEM manifold with a PDI intake manifold and immediately increase its airflow by more than 30%.

PDI intake manifold image

Having more air entering into the chambers at a consistent rate increases the release rate of the fuel injectors, and creates an environment for more powerful combustion. This increased release from the fuel injectors and more powerful combustion leads to better performance of your vehicle in horsepower and fuel efficiency.

What sets PDI intake manifold products apart from the Stock parts?

PDI (Performance Diesel Inc.) Big Boss Intake Manifolds are built in the U.S.A. to increase and balance the air going into your truck's engine. By opening up the manifold in key areas, airflow will increase by up to 35%. This reduces air intake temperatures, resulting in power and torque gains and fuel economy improvements. These direct replacement manifolds are simple and quick to install and utilize factory hardware and existing engine components.

PDI Intake Manifold Key Features & Benefits

  • Available for Cummins ISX and X15
    • All currently available PDI Intake Manifold products are for Cummins ISX15 and X15 engine models made from 2010-2024.
  • Mounts in Factory Position
    • No additional modifications to the engine are required to mount your PDI intake manifold as it uses the same mounting position and connections as the stock part.
PDI air intake 2010-2013
  • Improves Airflow to the Engine
    • PDI has opened its air intakes in key areas to maximize the available airflow and keep the channel as close to the opening diameter as possible. These aftermarket products can provide as much as 35% more airflow to your engine.
  • Cooler Intake Air Temperatures
    • The cooler your air is the more dense it becomes. Channeling cooler air to your cylinder head is great for combustion because it contains a larger quantity of oxygen molecules. One benefit of increasing your air flow with a PDI intake manifold is that it helps lower the temperature of the air coming in.
PDI X15 Intake Manifold
  • Adds Additional Horsepower
    • By having more air at a cooler temperature you increase the power of the combustion. Increased combustion power causes more horsepower and torque.
  • Includes New Gaskets
    • Gaskets are what create the tight seal between the air intake and the other various components that it is connected to. As gaskets wear out it allows for air, heat, and fuel to escape. PDI sends new gaskets with their air intakes because they want to ensure that their products have the best chance for success with your engine.
PDI ISX Intake Manifold 2008-2010
  • Many Drivers Report Fuel Mileage Improvements
    • While the amount of improvement will be different for each vehicle and application, you will probably see an increase in fuel efficiency. It is a natural side effect of having better air flow which causes stronger combustion and provides more power.
  • 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Manufacturer Warranty
    • Each air intake made by PDI has a 1-year unlimited mile warranty. They are positive that their products will increase horsepower and help your ride be more enjoyable.
ISX 2013.5-2024

PDI uses only the best material for its intake manifolds. Like all PDI products, this manifold is designed to make more horsepower and create more efficiency so you save money while making the drive more enjoyable.

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