Diesel Fuel Mileage

We all love our diesels. We love the power, the torque, that sweet diesel sound, and the historically lower fuel prices. However, diesel fuel prices lately have been close to or even higher than gas prices. And sometimes it seems as if fuel prices only go one way – up! New “clean diesel” technology that in some vehicles drastically reduces our fuel mileage from previous levels is here to stay. Fortunately, Parley’s Diesel Performance carries a huge array of diesel performance products to help you increase your diesel fuel mileage. Which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of modifications you can make to take advantage of your diesel engine.


Diesel Performance Chips — One of the most popular and easy modifications is the use of a diesel performance chip. Today the term “chip” can be used to describe a variety of electronic performance tools. Whether the right “chip” for your diesel is a performance module, tuner, downloader, or even a traditional chip, enhancing your diesel’s power and torque wisely almost always comes with a corresponding increase in fuel economy. Although this may seem counterintuitive, these diesel performance chips improve fuel economy by improving the efficiency of the fuel that is used.


Cold Air Intakes — A simple and effective upgrade every diesel owner should make is installing a performance air intake system. Everything your engine does requires energy. Even pulling in air requires energy. Anything you can do to make that easier for your engine will result in better fuel economy. The high-flow performance filters that come with today’s intake kits are washable and reusable, enhance air flow, and last longer than the OEM filter. Performance diesel intake systems are designed with heat shields or are fully enclosed to keep hot air out of the intake stream. They also take advantage of technology like mandrel-bent intake tubes, powder coating, and high quality hardware designed to reduce air restrictions and intake temperatures. Cold air intake systems even take inlet air from outside of the engine compartment where the inlet air is cooler. Cooler inlet air temperature translates to more power during the combustion process because cool air is denser than warm air.


Exhaust Systems — Just like your engine’s intake, an inefficiently designed factory exhaust system can rob your engine of power and economy the same way. For example, try blowing through a tube the size of a Bic pen filler. Then try blowing the same amount of air through a soda straw. Which one required more energy? If your engine is always “forcing” the exhaust gases out, then it is wasting fuel to get the job done. By installing a larger diameter system with a smooth mandrel bent radius, you will enjoy better fuel mileage and additional power from your engine. Even if your diesel is equipped with a catalytic converter or a particulate filter, the addition of a larger diameter exhaust after the emission control device will still help improve your diesel fuel economy.


Water Methanol Injection — Like propane injection, water-methanol injection is one of the best diesel performance modifications for towing. Water-methanol injection kits allow for safe increases in horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, all while actually decreasing your exhaust gas temperatures. This universal performance upgrade can be used on everything from Volkswagen TDI’s to Industrial, Fleet and Class 7 and 8 applications, and every diesel in between. Water-methanol injection reduces air inlet temperatures which allows users to increase boost pressure to create more power by utilizing the cooling effects of water while burning high octane methanol allows for a more complete and thorough burn of your diesel fuel. If you just dropped a small fortune on a truck with a particulate filter and really need to improve your fuel economy, water-methanol injection will not adversely affect your particulate filter like most power adders. Likewise, it won’t leave a tell-tale signature on your truck’s computer so your warranty won’t be jeopardized!


Diesel Injectors and Injection Pumps – The injection pump and injectors are the hardest working precision components on any diesel engine. If your injector opening pressures become low and the spray patterns are poor, the fuel will not atomize and burn as efficiently as it should. If your injection pump is worn or has fallen out of calibration, then the timing and fuel deliveries may be off and engine performance and fuel economy will suffer. Parley’s Diesel Performance offers a complete line of performance injectors, injection pumps and lift pumps to make sure your diesel is operating at peak efficiency.

Posted on: April 3, 2023


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