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The evolution of the entire Injen Cold Air Intake line is paved with industry firsts and innovative designs. Injen Intakes are are available in many styles. Choose from closed or open air boxes, polished or wrinkle black intake tubes, and a variety of filter materials. Whether you opt for their traditional PF intakes, or their newest fully enclosed Evolution intakes, you know you'll be getting a made-in-the-USA system that will deliver power and performance - with no check engine lights. 

Injen Intake Lines

  • Evolution Intakes
  • IS Intakes
  • PF Intakes
  • RD Intakes
  • SP Intakes

Injen Evolution Intakes

Injen Technology's Evolution Sealed Air Intake Systems are some of the best intakes systems on the market. This company has gone above and beyond in their research and developement and they have sought to create products that are dependable, easy to use, and are long-lasting. Injen Evolution air intake systems sport a one-piece, sealed housing with the built in "Twist-lock". This ingenious design keeps your filters securely in place with minimal effort. Better yet, they have made instalation easy by not requiring any cutting or drilling on the majority of their intake systems. Lastly, the Injen Technology air filters will give amazing horsepower and torque gains without the need for aftermarket tuning, so you can reap the benefit from them immediatly upon instalation.

Injen Evolution Intake Features

  • Manufactured from Durable Roto-Molded Polyethylene Parts
  • Includes Clear-Vue Sight Window for Easy Filter Inspection
  • Twist-Lock Filter Technology
  • Built-In Filter Monitor
  • Reinforced Automotive Grade Silicone Couplers
  • Stainless Steel Band Clamps with Inner Protective Liner
  • Massive SuperNano-Web Dry Air Filter or 8-Layer Oiled Cotton Gauge Air Filter
  • Large Inlet Air Scoop and Induction Tube
  • Designed and Built in Pomona California, USA
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

The Injen 8-layer cotton gauze oiled filter keeps out dirt and debris through the use a media that has been tighly wrapped, and has an added tackifier to help catch the contaminents in the air before they can make their way into your engine. Like the name suggests the filter is made from cotton, which allows for maximum flow. All filters get dirty, however, not all filters are cleanable. The Injen 8-layer is 100%, which means that it is reusable. When cleaning your 8-layer cotton gauze oiled filter it is best to use the Pro Tech air filter cleaning kit (Part Number X-1030).

Injen’s SuperNano-Web filter media is made of a few different components. First off is a dry blend of synthetics and cellulose that create the base media. The secondary layer consists of a fully synthetic, Nano-fiber membrane. In order for air to pass through an obeject there has to be holes or spaces that exist. A major benefit of the SuperNano-Web media is that the spaces in it's surface are smaller than those of organic cotton, so it captures more debris and contaminates on the outer surface, which not only stops them from getting into the engine, but also stops them from getting into the deeper parts of the media where they could create clogs. The effectiveness of the Nano-fiber membrane at catching air contaminents is where the SuperNano-Web filter gets its name.
These filters work perfectly without any need for additional oil, and can be completely cleaned with compressed air.

Key Features of SuperNano-Web Filter

  • Built in Velocity Stack Adapter, that streamlines the filtered air efficiently into the intake tract. If you place your hand inside the mouth of the filter you will feel a smooth transition on the inside neck of your filter, this eliminates air turbulence.
  • This filter is a dry filter, it is easily cleaned with a shop vac and does not require oiling after cleaning.
  • Tuned and tested for specific applications, this filter will not require replacing the factory sensor.
  • You will get longer service intervals and more horsepower compared to custom air intakes with cotton gauze. Injen filters improve engine performance and help engines last longer.
  • Testing shows that Injen’s SuperNano-Web Filters hold 15 times more contaminants than a wet gauze type filter.
  • Injen Air Filters allow more airflow than filters that use cellulose media alone.
  • Cellulose fibers are larger than nanofibers, and have larger spaces between the fibers, causing contaminants to load in the depth of the media and plug the airflow path, which results in higher restriction and less capacity.
  • The synthetic nanofibers in SuperNano Web Dry Filter media have submicron diameters and small interfiber spaces, which result in more contaminants being captured on the surface of the media and lower restriction.

Both these filters are uniquely designed to work with the Injen Twist-Lock System. Their propietary Twist-Lock technology has allowed their technicians to use the largest filters available for maximum air flow and filtration efficiency. These giant air filters enhance the air volume resulting in increased power gains while making installation quick and easy.

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