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K&N Cold Air Intakes are a great option for any vehicle owner who is looking for an increase in horsepower and torque. Unlike other cold air intakes that require modifications to be made to the engine or to the intake itself to fit different vehicles, the K&N Cold Air Intakes are created to fit with the specific make, model, and year of your vehicle. This eliminates the guesswork and enables easy installation. Additionally, K&N does extensive, in-house testing with each of their products to make sure that they can perform above and beyond the standard level of needed performance.


Key Features of the K&N Cold Air Intake

  • Intakes for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, RV's, Powersports and Heavy Duty Applications
  • 10 Year / Million Mile Limited K&N Warranty
  • Up to 100,000 Miles Between Filter Cleanings
  • Multiple Filter Materials to Choose From, Including Oiled Cotton and Dry Synthetic Material
  • Roto-molded, Polished Aluminum, or Black Powder Coated Intake Tubes
  • Closed Box, Open Box, and Steel Heat Shield Box Configurations
  • Improved Engine Growl When you Hit the Gas Pedal
  • Installation Usually Takes Less Than an Hour. Detailed Installation Instructions Included.
  • K&N Intakes Won't Void Vehicle Factory Warranty

K&N creates its performance intakes for all types of cars, trucks, RVs, heavy-duty trucks, and performance sports cars. They are known for increasing engine power and torque, as well as that sweet sound of the engine growl during acceleration. Available options include the Original Oiled-Cotton Filter and the K&N Dryflow synthetic filter. Both types can be easily installed in your home garage, and with simple maintenance and cleaning can continue providing your vehicle with excellent, and protected airflow for 100,000s of miles.

Here is a closer look at some of the key features of the K&N Cold Air Intake.


The K&N Cold Air Intake Provides More Airflow for Improved Horsepower and Torque

Combustion engines need air to function and the more air they can get the better they work. However, just having more air, doesn’t necessarily mean that your engine will produce power. First, you have to make sure the air is getting to the correct areas of the engine, and second, it is important that the air be as cold as possible.

Air molecules gather closer together when they are cold and spread out when they are warm, so there is actually more air (oxygen) in cold air than there is in warm air. Having additional oxygen during the combustion process creates a more powerful explosion which provides extra force to push the pistons, turn the crankshaft, and so on. This is why having a cold air intake is a guaranteed method to get a few more horsepower out of your engine. 

Many of the engine’s components are designed to assist engine airflow, both to bring it in (intake systems) and to take it out (exhaust systems). One benefit of aftermarket performance parts, especially those related to the air intake and exhaust, is that they often make the channels that the air is taking more direct, while also opening them up to allow more air in. 

K&N Cold Air Intakes provides both of these benefits by replacing unneeded intake tubes and hardware with larger, more aerodynamic tubing. The tubing has a uniform width from the connection to the engine to the filter.

K&N Cold Air Intake image 1

Speaking of the filter, the filter heads that K&N uses for their intakes are massive. They are large enough that they are considered “oversized”, however, their size is important because it allows for the system to pull in the maximum amount of air from the starting point. And, since it is a K&N filter, you can be sure that the air getting into your engine is going to be extremely clean and free from impurities. That goes for both the oiled filters and the Dryflow filters.

K&N Cold Air Intake

K&N Cold Air Intake Tubes: Providing Performance and Style

There are two different types of tubes used on K&N Cold Air Intakes: Roto-molded high-density polyethylene and mandrel-bent aluminum. Both have their strengths both in construction and appearance.

K&N’s Rotomolded intake tubes are made from sturdy, durable plastic, and are used with intakes that need a little more flexibility in their installation. These tubes are black and match the coloring of most stock engines, so if you are looking for a great way to spruce up your engine while maintaining a more stock-like look then getting an intake with a rotomolded tube is a great option.

Mandrel bent aluminum air intake tubes are great if you are looking for a more customized look for your engine. Most of K&N’s cold air intakes that have mandrel-bent aluminum tubing will come with a variety of color options including blue, white, red, and gray. Powder coating is available with some options for extra durability and strength. K&N uses mandrel-bent aluminum tubes because they provide a strong, aerodynamic path for the air that removes tight angles and shrinkage in the tube that causes turbulence and air resistance within the tube. 

The Blackhawk induction series features a black powder-coated tube and a black filter, so if you are looking for a really sleek-looking K&N Cold Air intake, you may want to see if they have a Blackhawk induction available for your vehicle.



K&N Cold Air Intake Components Image

Other important components of a K&N Cold Air Intake

As we mentioned above, one of the key features of having a cold air intake is its ability to provide your engine with cold air. In most cases, the air directly around your engine is going to be warm, if not pretty hot, so in order so K&N utilizes a few components to make getting that cold air easier. Not all of these components are used with each intake model, however, we feel it is worth mentioning them so that you can know what you are looking at as you browse.

Some components, like supplementary air inlets and cold air intake scoops, are included in the design because they enable the intake to pull air from outside the engine compartment. This is the best way to get cold air, however, it isn’t always a viable option with some engine designs, so there are other intakes that utilize interior air intake components.

If your engine is one whose engine makes using a scoop or supplementary air inlet difficult, don’t fret. K&N has special heat shields and, in some cases, enclosed air boxes, which help insulate the air around the conical high-flow air filter from the heat of the engine. The air will never be as cold as it would be if it was taken directly from the outside, however, these protections have been made with rigorous testing to make sure that they still provide quality results.

Improved sound

Factory intake systems utilize a lot of extra components in an attempt to limit the sound of the engine. These components often mess with the airflow, and one of the much sought-after benefits of using a K&N Cold Air Intake instead of a factory intake is that the noise-controlling components are removed. So you get the benefit of improved performance and better sound from your engine at the same time.

Oversized conical airflow filter

We mentioned it above, but the K&N conical filter deserves a little spotlight of its own. Both the oiled and the Dryflow filters are made to last for 100,000s of miles. They are made from high-flow cotton and are washable and reusable. It is largely in part to these amazing filters that all of the K&N Cold Air Intakes have a factory warranty 10-year/million-mile warranty.

K&N Cold Air Filter Image 3

Ease of Installation

The last perk that we wanted to mention about the K&N Cold Air intake product line is just how easy they are to install. Whether you are a certified mechanic or someone who is just peeking under your hood for the first time, K&N has taken measures to help make the installation of their products smooth and easy for everyone.

Firstly, each air intake comes with detailed instructions complete with photographs to illustrate the exact steps that need to be taken to install the K&N Cold Air Intake.

Secondly, for those who find still pictures and written instructions hard to follow, there are videos for installation for each available intake on YouTube.

Thirdly, OE (factory) hardware is utilized for installation to avoid any drilling or need for additional hardware where possible. 

Lastly, Each K&N Cold Air Intake can be installed in as little as ninety minutes using basic tools.

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