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About the SCT X4

The X4 Performance Programmer from SCT comes pre-loaded with dyno-proven tune files that increase horsepower, torque, and fuel mileage! Programming your Ford or GM gas or diesel vehicle with one of SCT’s pre-loaded performance or fuel economy tune files is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply plug the OBDII connector into your vehicle’s OBDII port, select the pre-loaded tune file using the simple-to-navigate menu and within minutes the X4 programs your vehicle.

Key Features

The SCT X4 Installs Quickly & Easily

When first installing your SCT X4 tuner it is important to give yourself sufficient time for the process to complete. The user manual suggests an hour. The programmer comes with an instruction manual that is easy to read, and the programmer itself gives you on-screen directions to follow while you are setting it up. 

The longest part of the installation process is that an update via a Windows PC is required. The SCT X4 is not compatible with Apple devices or computers at this time, so this update must be done from a Windows PC. This update is very important because it brings your programmer’s software and drivers up to date, which ensures that it will run properly.

All it takes to connect your tuner to your computer or vehicle is to plug it in. A micro USB cable is included for use with your computer and a HDMI/OBD II Cable is included for connecting to your vehicle.


Pre-Loaded with Dyno Proven Tune Files

What is a DYNO Tune?
DYNO tunes refer to tuning parameters that have been measured and imputed using data and tests from a dynamometer. Dynamometers are used to measure different aspects of a vehicle’s performance, like the torque, power output, and rotational speed, under different driving conditions. The purpose of a dynamometer is to help simulate real-world conditions so that specific adjustments to different engine components can be tested to increase maximum engine performance in every situation.

The SCT X4 comes pre-loaded with Dyno tunes that are specific to your vehicle. The number of pre-loaded tunes will vary depending on which engine and vehicle you own, and whether it is gas or diesel. The reason why the amount of tunes varies is that each engine and its possible peak performance levels are different. Additionally, each vehicle has its applications that it is likely to be used for. It makes sense to only send you the tunes that you are likely to use.


SCT X4 Tuner

Hold up to 10 Custom Tunes on your SCT X4 Tuner

The SCT X4 comes with pre-determined tunes, but it can also hold up to ten custom tunes as well. Custom tunes are different from pre-loaded tunes in that they can meet specific goals of the user in regards to their engine performance. Pre-loaded tunes are easy to use and don’t take a lot of expertise to handle. Custom tunes, on the other hand, are fine-tuned by professionals to optimize performance in a very specific way.

If you are not a professional tuner but want to use a custom tune, then you are in luck. One of the benefits of this SCT Tuner over other programmers is that SCT has professional tuners who have created a large library of custom tunes that are available for download. Simply follow the instructions in the manual, and you can get all the custom tunes that need to have your vehicle running exactly the way you want it to.


Reads and Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Being able to read your engine’s diagnostic codes makes taking care of your vehicle a lot easier. Knowing what it is that your vehicle needs enables you, as the owner, to make a more educated decision on whether or not the problem needs to be handled by a professional mechanic, or if it is something that you can take care of on your own. In the case that you do need to take it to a mechanic to resolve, knowing ahead of time what the probable issues are puts you in a better understanding of why the mechanic might suggest one solution versus another. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power,” and having the power to increase your knowledge is just one of the amazing benefits of having a SCT X4 Tuner.

This tuner also allows you to clear diagnostic codes, so whether it is because you’ve solved the problem, or the mechanic forgot to reset the signal, you don’t have to rely on the mechanic to get the light off of your dash. You can clear it yourself with a quick tap of a button. Remember that with this power comes some responsibility. Clearing codes without resolving the issue first will either result in the code signaling again or the issue getting worse. Ignoring any issue with your engine is never a good idea.

What do the tunes adjust?

The options of what your tunes can adjust will be different for each vehicle, however, the choices may include the ability to adjust the Speed Limiter, Axle Ratio, Tire Size, or TPMS. For a more comprehensive list of the available tuning options for gas and diesel vehicles please refer to the product’s user manual.

SCT X4 Tuner

Monitor Popular External Sensors

With a Huge Backlit display, the SCT X4 Tuner makes it EASY to read the Built-In Data Logging or Real Time Monitored Vehicle Data, and view popular sensor data such as EGT, Air / Fuel Ratio, or any other 0-5 Volt source!

Data log with the SCT X4

Data logging is an important part of vehicle tuning, and with the SCT X4 tuner, you can log your data either for your use or for sharing with a tuning professional. For those who want to create custom tunes, data logging is a necessity, but it is a useful feature for everyone because it allows the user to see exactly what is happening within their vehicle. The available information helps verify vehicle repairs, tuning changes and optimization, performance analysis and so much more. It is a great tool for DIY mechanics and tuning enthusiasts as the information presented allows everyone to gain a deeper understanding of their vehicle and how it functions.

Return to stock programming with the SCT X4 Tuner

While tuning is great, SCT makes it even better by giving you the ability to return your engine to its stock programming. This is an important feature as it enables you to always go back to square one if a new tune isn’t working how you want it to. It is also useful for cases where you need to sell your vehicle, have it worked on by a dealership or mechanic, make it more compatible with software updates, and it allows you to create a better comparison with your data logging and diagnostics. 

If you live in or are heading to an area with stricter emission standards, returning to the stock programming is an easy way to make sure that you are complying with the standard of the area, since vehicles are initially programmed for that. The SCT X4 backs up your factory PCM program during installation, and restoring your vehicle to the stock PCM program is as easy as selecting “Return to Stock” from the device menu. With all SCT devices, once returned to stock, there is no footprint or trace of the tune in the vehicle’s PCM.

Emission Compliant

The SCT X4 does not support emissions deletes. All custom and pre-loaded tunes are made with the intent of improving vehicle performance while also complying with federal emission regulations.

The Latest Members of the SCT X4 Family 

The SCT X4 7015PD-B and 7015PG-B

The SCT X4 tuners 7015PD-B and 7015PG-B are the newest SCT X4 programmer models. They are for select 2021-2023 Ford F-150 and F-250 / F-350 Super Duty trucks, and come in a bundle with a special ECM unlock cable. The ECM cable enables the programmer to communicate directly with the vehicle’s PCM to adjust the engine settings for boost, fuel injection, and much more.

What are the differences between them?

The SCT X4 tuners 7015PD-B and 7015PG-B are different in that they are made for different types of vehicles. The 7015PD-B is for 2020-2021 Ford Powerstroke Diesel engines and the 7015PG-B is for 2021-2023 FORD F-150 Gas engines.

Additionally, while both can use the ECM cord, the gas version (7015PG-B) can also connect to the vehicle’s PCM via the OBDII port. The 7015PD-B requires the ECM unlock cable to function.

As with other SCT X4 Tuners they come preprogrammed with great Dyno tunes, and, depending on the vehicle application, can hold up to 10 custom tunes as well.




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