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Full Tilt Turbo

Full Tilt Turbo options come in a variety of horsepower and performance levels and are available for popular Cummins, CAT, and Detroit Series 60 engines. For CAT engines they offer turbos for the C-11, the C-12, C-15, C-16, and 3406E. For Cummins engines, coverage is available for the N14, ISM, and ISX engines that range from the N-14 up to the current Cummins 2450 and X15.

Full Tilt Turbo Key Features

  • Designed as Bolt-On Replacements for Stock Turbos 

  • Turbos are New, not Re-Manufactured

  • Balanced Cartridges for Faster Spool       

  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • No Core Charges

Cummins Full Tilt Turbo

History of turbochargers

Turbochargers were originally built to assist airplane engines in the early 1900s and were first used with vehicles in the 1950s-1960s. Since then, many of the top brands for diesel engines have used turbochargers as a mandatory component of the engine’s design because of their ability to enhance the performance of the engine in different key areas. However, as wonderful as these stock turbos are, aftermarket turbos are generally known to be better. 

One reason for this is that aftermarket turbos have different options that can be used to help enhance your vehicle’s ability to perform at different levels, allowing you to add power to your specific application. Using a Full Tilt Turbo, for example, could give you a significant gain in horsepower.

Full Tilt Turbo

Key Components of the Full TIlt Turbo

The two main components of  Full TIlt Turbo, and really any turbocharger, are a turbine and a compressor. As the engine burns fuel, exhaust gasses are created and pushed through the exhaust system toward the tailpipe. Routing the exhaust system through the turbocharger enables the exhaust gas to spin the turbine, which pulls the exhaust gasses and oxygen in the exhaust system into the turbo’s compressor. As the turbine continues to spin the compressor compresses the trapped air and positive pressure builds, this is what is known as ‘spooling’. 

Once the pressure has reached a certain threshold it is released into the engine, where the added burst of oxygen and other gasses create a surge of extra powerful combustion, which provides additional horsepower. This is known as turbo boost or just ‘boost’. 

Boost is important because it helps the engine compensate for natural deficiencies in power that modern engineering hasn’t been able to overcome yet. In modern engines, especially heavy-duty diesel engines, the turbocharger is an integral participant in the engine’s ability to produce consistent power. These engines are designed to run with a turbocharger, and failing to use one will result in poor performance, and may result in engine failure or damage. Having the right turbo for your engine and the appropriate application is important for engine health and efficiency.

OEM vs Aftermarket Turbos

If you are looking at this page, then you probably have an engine that either needs a new turbo or you are contemplating switching from an OEM turbo to an aftermarket. While you could try to track down a replacement OEM (factory) turbo, it is worth your time to look at the options for an aftermarket replacement.

What are the main differences?
When your engine comes from the factory it will have been tuned to meet certain standards in emissions and meet certain thresholds in horsepower, torque, and other areas. If those match the needs of the application, then you are golden. However, the downside of using factory parts, including the turbo, is that there isn’t a lot of elbow room for modifications. Many factory components are not built to endure the extra power that aftermarket parts bring to the party, so if you are looking for better performance from your engine than the factory components are tuned for, it is wise to invest in the parts that will enable your engine to perform at the level that you need. 

Full Tilt Performance makes aftermarket turbos for CAT, Cummins, and Detroit Series 60 engines. These turbos follow the same basic design as their OEM counterparts but are made with higher-quality materials and specific modifications to size and part design to help increase durability while improving performance. With an aftermarket turbo, you open the door to different options on how you can fine-tune your engine to better fit the specific application that you need it to fulfill. Your factory turbo has so much untapped potential. A Full Tilt Turbo can help you release it.


About the Full Tilt Turbo

Full Tilt Performance has been designing and distributing aftermarket turbos for various engines since 2003. They are known in the industry for their high standard of quality in their products. Each Full Tilt Turbo is manufactured to be a durable and reliable replacement for OEM turbos. However, they are more than just a replacement part. They are made to increase the ability of your engine to a higher level than the factory turbo. 

With a Full Tilt Turbo, your engine will be able to make new strides in horsepower, torque, fuel economy, and more. The drive behind the creation of these wonderful products is the company’s mantra of “making things right”, which applies both to their innovation and engineering, and their customer service.

While all turbos provide the same basic function of increasing spool and boost, they have been designed to work with a specific engine or engine. Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to jump from one brand to another, so using a CAT turbo on a Cummins engine is a bad idea. Pairing your engine with a Full Tilt turbo built specifically for it is key if you want it to work well, or work at all.


Detroit Series 60 12.7L Full Tilt Turbo

The Detroit Series 60 12.7L is a heavy-duty diesel engine that was in production between 1993-2003. It was the successor to the 11.1 L and was replaced by the 14 L in 2004. Sadly, the Detroit Series 60 line has been completely discontinued and is no longer in production, however, even though no new Series 60 engines are being made, these amazing machines are still in popular use today. Why? Because they are a great engine. And they can be even greater with a Full Tilt Turbo.

Full Tilt Performance has created three different turbo options for the Detroit Series 60. Ranging from smallest to the largest they have models 62000, 62001, and 62002. The 62000 has a 1.32 A/R Exhaust Housing and a 75mm Billet wheel. The 62001 has the same A/R ratio but its billet wheel is 78mm. The 62002 is the largest with an A/R ratio of 1.45 and a 80mm billet wheel. All are wastegate turbos.

Full Tilt Turbo Detroit Series 60


CAT Full Tilt Turbo

CAT Full Tilt Turbo

CAT was a leading brand for on-road diesel engines for many years but decided to focus their energy on off-road engines after the rigorous changes in emission standards and regulations of 2007. Many of their engines have continued to be produced for agricultural, mining, and other heavy-duty applications. It is important to know though, that if you buy a new CAT engine today it probably won’t be for a truck. 

Despite no longer being in production, many CAT engine models continue to be sold and serviced throughout the United States. There are available Full Tilt Turbo options for various CAT engine models. If you are looking for a great turbo for a C11, C12, 3406 (A-E), C-15 single turbo array, or C-16 single turbo array then Full Tilt has options for you. 


Cummins Full Tilt Turbo

Cummins has been producing and improving diesel engines since 1919, and over the years has made many, well-loved and respected engines. They are so well-loved that even though they are producing new models every year, their previous (and discontinued) models are still being bought, sold, and regularly serviced.

In total, 7 Full Tilt Turbo options pair with Cummins engines from the 1997-2002 N14 model (Engine no longer in production) to the 2024 Cummins X15 CM 2450. Unlike the CAT 3406 which used a very similar design in all the 3406 models and the early C15 and C16 models all used the same turbo, the Cummins engine line has made changes to their turbo with each new upgrade of the engine, so getting the correct turbo that goes with your Cummins engine is crucial.

Cummins Full Tilt Turbo image 2


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