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DiabloSport’s 3rd generation inTune, the “i3”, brings the same great power, features, and application coverage that has established the brand as a “must-have” for performance enthusiasts. It’s an easy way to boost your vehicle’s power without even popping the hood! If you’ve ever wished you could buy a performance upgrade that makes the throttle more responsive, optimizes shift patterns, or even adds some bottom-end torque, you’re in luck. The inTune i3 handheld programmer is loaded with cutting edge performance programs and vehicle adjustments that optimize performance. Featuring the latest generation ARM processor, the i3 has a super high resolution screen and an exceptionally responsive touch pad.

Key Product Features

  • 50 State Legal Certification with CARB E.O. Numbers
  • Vehicle Specific Tunes
  • “Easy Tune” mode for simple tune installation
  • Scan and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Adjustable vehicle parameters like tire size, speed limiters and more
  • Features and Adjustable Parameters vary by vehicle
  • OBD-II Data Logging
  • Easy updates on virtually any computer – Mac, Windows or Linux
  • External sensor inputs (0-5v analog devices)
  • Warranty Safe – No Watermarks, Fingerprints or Counters

Finally, a Tuner Anyone Can Use.

Sometimes the latest vehicle technology can be tricky – heck, sometimes there are so many buttons, knobs and levers in our vehicles that we don’t even know what they do! With that in mind, DiabloSport developed their “Easy Tune” mode which takes the guesswork out of installing your performance tune. Easy tune prompts you to select the type of tune you prefer like towing, fuel economy, or performance, asks if you want to remove the speed limiter or change tire size, and installs the tune in minutes. No more choosing from a long list of options!


A Window Into Your Ride’s Soul

The Diablosport inTune i3 retrieves diagnostic data from a vehicle via its OBD-II Connection. Check and clear diagnostic trouble codes, or record key performance data parameters to use during your tune tweaking process! Using the 5 Volt dual band analog input, you can also hook up your favorite analog sensors to your i3 for an even more detailed readout of how your vehicle’s tune is performing. Export all of your data to a PC and play it back on DiabloSport’s Data Viewer logging software.

Fully Emissions Compliant – Without Sacrificing Performance.

The inTune i3, while designed to keep drivers equipped with added horsepower and torque, is also available with 50 state certification. Now performance and compliance are bundled to deliver more for your ride paired with assurance knowing you are covered at your local smog or emissions center. 50 State CARB (California Air Resources Board) certification is critical for vehicle owners that drive daily and recreationally, and not just in California! DiabloSport has made the investment in time and resources to keep your vehicle in compliance without sacrificing any power or cutting corners.

DiabloSport always saves a copy of the vehicle’s factory data in its memory in case it needs to be serviced at the dealership at some point in the future. That means you always have a copy of your vehicle data on your tuner and once it’s restored it leaves no footprints or watermarks in the vehicle’s computer, so it’s not detectable!

Installation Instructions

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