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AEM, or Advanced Engine Management, designs its Cold Air Intakes to integrate completely into the engine bay. They pioneered the cold air induction system for sport compact cars way back in 1994. Their Cold Air Intake Systems made AEM the powerhouse name in performance aftermarket air intakes that it is today. The filter on these kits is relocated outside of the engine compartment near the front fender. Moving the filter away from the hot underhood provides cooler, and therefore denser, inlet air. Cooler air carries more oxygen, which translates into a more intense explosion in the combustion chamber to create more horsepower and torque. The long, free-flowing intake pipes bring cool air from the filter to your engine, and provides and increase in airflow volume for enhanced performance.




Every AEM cold air induction system features high standards of construction and they are so confident in their fit and performance that they guarantee them for the life of your vehicle! All AEM cold air systems include a lifetime DRYFLOW synthetic air filter and come with a limited lifetime warranty. To suit your personal taste, AEM makes this intake in either polished white, blue, gunmetal grey, or red. Choose your favorite look and give your VW TDI the cold air it needs to breath today!

To keep everyday splashes of water or mud from saturating your Dryflow air filter, AEM has engineered an Air Filter Wrap. This wrap is built from a durable micro-screen material and pretreated with AEM’s own hydrophobic process, keeping your filter drier and cleaner. It also stops small dirt particles, and the amount of added restriction isn’t enough to affect performance. This wrap is optional but we recommend using it with every AEM Cold Air Intake.

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