Edge Tuners

Shop the complete line of Edge tuners for improved performance and fuel economy for your diesel pickup truck. Diesel tuners from Edge Products are some of the all-time best sellers in aftermarket automotive electronic performance upgrades. Since it’s humble beginnings back in 1999 in Ogden Utah, Edge Products has grown each year to become one of the premier names for aftermarket diesel performance electronics. Initially, the company was built on its efforts to produce performance electronics for diesel-powered trucks. Over the years, however, Edge has expanded its offerings to include cutting-edge products for the gas, truck, and Jeep markets as well.

More About Edge Products

In 2010, Edge raised it’s own already high bar and released a new series of monitors and controllers to go with it’s power modules and programmers. Building on the wildly successful Attitude Monitor, Edge released their CS, or Color Screen, and CTS, or Color Touch Screen monitors. These monitors and controllers now come standard across most of the Edge product line with modules and programmers for all major diesel vehicle manufacturers, including Ford Powerstroke, Chevy Duramax and Dodge Ram Cummins.

Their flagship Edge Juice with Attitude CS and CTS and the all-new Evolution CS and CTS give diesel owners unparalleled access to power, information, and safety with their diesels. You can even attach most back-up cameras to any CTS monitor! Edge’s other brands include the Insight CS and CTS Monitors, and the standalone power and diesel fuel economy modules the Edge EZ and Mileage Max.

Since its inception, Edge has been known for the power its modules and programmers produce. However, what really sets the company apart from its competitors is its monitoring capabilities. Coupled with the additional gains in horsepower, Edges ability to display multiple engine parameters and to provide associated safety features for those parameters on its stylish in-cab monitors has revolutionized the industry. Edge endeavors to produce the highest quality products on the market and to deliver them with superior customer and technical support.

Manufacturer Contact Info: 888-360-3343 Edge Products. 1080 South Depot Drive, Ogden, Utah 84404. Visit Edge Products on their website for more information.