Popular Diesel Parts

Chips-icon Tuners

Can you really get more from your diesel just by adding a performance tuner? Believe it! Make more power and torque and save money on fuel.

Intake-icon Air Intake & Filtration

Help your diesel breathe clean, filtered air and keep operating temperatures cooler with an intake kit, intake manifold elbow, or intercooler upgrade.

Exhaust-icon Exhaust

We offer complete diesel exhaust systems and components like mufflers, resonators and tips in a wide variety of materials from the best manufacturers in the business.

Egr-delete-icon EGR Delete

The extreme horsepower and torque levels in sled pulling, drag racing and competition events require race tuning and components like high quality EGR Delete kits.

Fuel-injection-icon Fuel Injection

We carry a full line of fuel injection pumps, lift pumps, injectors and injector nozzles. Now you can adjust your fueling to make the power you want for your specific application.

Stacks-icon Stack Kits

Choose from a huge selection of Dual and Single Stack kits, as well as individual stack tips and stack components like rain caps and heat shields.

Gauges-icon Gauges

Monitor boost PSI, transmission temperature, engine temperature, or any other parameter with gauges, gauge monitors, and gauge pods and monitor mounts.

Tranny-icon Transmission

Choose from Fully Built Transmissions, Clutches, Torque Converters, Transmission Pans and Differential Covers from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Turbo-icon Turbos

Shop Parley’s Diesel Performance for stock replacement turbos and performance single and twin turbos for Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax diesels.

Water-methanol-icon Water Methanol Injection

Cool operating temperatures, reduce emissions, make more horsepower and get better fuel mileage with a water methanol injection kit for your diesel.

Engine-icon Engine Parts

Upgrade your diesel engine for more power, reliability, and longevity with aftermarket diesel parts like head studs, cam shafts and head gaskets.

Accessories-icon Accessories

Customize your truck your way with diesel accessories like hitches, lights, floor mats, bed covers, running boards, lifts and bumpers at Parley’s Diesel Performance.