RV Motorhome

Parleys Diesel Performance carries one of the best selections available of RV performance upgrades. If you drive a diesel motorhome, you owe it to yourself to check out our lineup of RV Performance parts. Whether you want more power, cooler running temperatures, more fuel economy or even all three, Parleys Diesel Performance has helped hundreds of happy customers just like you pick the best Diesel RV Performance Parts for their particular needs.

We carry RV performance parts for Caterpillar C7, C9 and 3126 B/E equipped diesel motor-homes. If you drive a Cummins-equipped RV with either the 5.9L, 6.7L, 8.3L or 8.9L engines, Parleys Diesel has you covered. Our list of RV Performance upgrades for Cummins-powered RV’s includes power RV Performance Chips or Modules, RV Performance Exhaust upgrades, and RV Water-Methanol Injection Kits. If you’re looking for more performance from your International Diesel RV housing a VT-365 of DT-466, RV Performance upgrades are just a mouse click away.

And if you’re looking for RV Performance parts and own a diesel pusher not listed above, don’t worry – we’ve got some great Universal RV Performance upgrades that will give you the power, performance, and fuel economy gains you want out of your RV! Want a specific example? How about the Aero Exhaust Muffler. Check out this testimonial from one of our diesel pusher owners to see what he had to say about our most popular RV Performance part.

“While camping last year a fellow motorhome owner told me about the Aero Performance Muffler that he installed in his motorhome. He claimed that it increased his mileage about 20%. At the time diesel was selling for over $4.50 a gallon. I was very skeptical but after several months I ordered an AT5050XL Aero muffler for my 2003 Fleetwood Discovery with a 330 HP Caterpillar diesel. The mechanic who installed it for me was so impressed with its construction that he asked me to let him know what if any mileage improvement and performance increase I experienced because as he said “I can sell a lot of these”. He installed several competing mufflers and was very emphatic when he said there is no comparison to the Aero muffler. I was never able to get over 8 MPG with the stock muffler but after only the first trip I got 10MPG, a 25% improvement. Not only that, I was able to get up hills at 55 MPH where previously my coach struggled at 40 MPH. And, the engine ran a lot smoother and cooler too! I am very satisfied with my purchase and my mechanic is too. Thanks for offering this great product."Jim D. Harrisburg, PA