Smarty Tuners

More About MADS Smarty

Everybody that owns a Cummins-powered diesel knows, if you want a simple to use programmer that delivers some of the best Cummins tuning available, you go with a Smarty programmer. MADS electronics was started by a unique and brilliant Austrian/Italian named Marcus who has had a passion for the Cummins engine ever since he had a first generation Dodge Diesel truck exported to him in Italy back in the early 1990’s. Still at the helm of MADS today, Marcus continues to push his team with his passion for the Cummins engine and maximizing it’s performance potential.

MADS Electronics engineers have three main concerns – Quality, tuning Consistency, and providing the best driving experience possible. Smarty tuners come with preloaded dyno and street-proven tunes that put real power to the ground every time. They are simple to operate and don’t require a PhD nor a 6" thick manual to use effectively. In fact, on most Smarty tuners the instructions are printed right on the back of the tuner!

All R&D, design, software development and product engineering are done in house, in San Giovanni Lupatoto Italy. Nothing is outsourced. If you want to get the most power and the biggest gains in fuel economy out of your Cummins-powered oil burner, you owe it to yourself to check out Smarty tuners.