More About DiabloSport

Founded in 2000, DiabloSport designs and manufactures the industrys most unique line of performance products for the automotive industry. DiabloSport has become a well-known leader in electronic handheld programmers of Engine Control Units for Ford and GM. They are very proud to say that everything they design is made in-house, all the way down to the smallest detail!

DiabloSport tuners and engineers are at the very forefront of developing breakthrough technologies for the 21st Century. All production at DiabloSport follows ISO 9000 guidelines when assembling all components. Quality inspection is a job shared by both person and machine. Key connection spots are checked via laser guided cameras to ensure proper conductivity. The integrity of EVERY unit is checked by quality control inspectors. New tunes are tested in the field by authorized DiabloSport beta testers and changes for increased power or adjustability are instantly released in downloadable updates via the DiabloSport website.

Product lines offered by Diablosport include the highly popular and genre-busting DiabloSport Trinity Programmer, an all-in-one tuner that does about 1000 things. The Trinity is not only a diesel tuner, but a virtual gauge monitor, has a “virtual drag tree” which is just too cool, and of course comes with a diagnostic code reader. And although it comes loaded with proven Diablosport tunes, the Trinity will hold an additional five custom tunes. It’s a technological marvel whose time has come. The in_Tune is Diablo’s all new handheld programmer that works on many diesel and gas vehicles, all under one part number. And the Extreme Power Puck is an economical, easy to install power module that delivers controllable, adjustable power and real fuel mileage gains with part numbers for almost every late model diesel on the road today.