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The Big Rig Heavy Duty GT works on many of today’s most widely used class 8 semi’s. Tuning is currently available for 2003 through 2010 Cummins ISX and ISM powered Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Sterling and Volvo trucks. If you have a Caterpillar engine, you’ll want to check closely for your particular application, because the Big Rig Heavy Duty GT for CAT will work on a range of years for the 3406E, C10, C11, C12, C13, C15, and the C16 engines. These engines are in many semi’s including Freightliner, Ford, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Sterling, Volvo and Western Star.

Have a Detroit engine in your Big Rig? Bully Dog’s Big Rig Heavy Duty GT for Detroit diesel engines works on many of the Series 60 rigs with build dates of 1998 through 2007. Applicable models include Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Sterling, Volvo, and Western Star. Get even greater fuel economy and power gains by upgrading your stock manifold with a premium ceramic coated exhaust manifold from Bully Dog Big Rig. They’ll help your turbo spool quicker, provide higher output, and give gains in fuel economy of about a 1/3 a mile per gallon!

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Bully Dog Big Rig Tuner Mileage Test

Customer Testimonials

2007 386 Pete w/ a 475 AcertI have a tridem flatbed, it is the only trailer I pull. When I haul in Canada I can load 73,000lbs payload. On Oct 28,10 I installed a Bully Dog in my truck. I got it mainly for the mileage increase they talked about on the website. I do my fuel report monthly. For Sept to Oct 22 combined, I averaged 6.44mpg on 14,969 miles. In November with the bully dog on the power setting I got 7.36mpg on 13,066 mi. So I got what I was looking for. The Bonus is the power! I am very impressed with the power increase. My truck has a C-15 Acert, an 18 speed, 3.36 gears with 22.5 tires. Go Bullydog!!!!Jeff Ricker Fredericton, NB
625 Acert C-15 I have an 625 Acert Cat engine that I pull at flat bed with a walking floor. I purchased and installed both the Power Pup and the ceramic coated exhaust system at the same time from J&S Sales. Immediately after instaldivng both products I noticed that my EGTs dropped 100 degrees. My fuel economy is up a sodivd 1/2 mile. Some loads I’m seeing 8/10s to 9/10s improvement, but I’m very comfortable saying a 1/2 mile gain. I’m saving $150 per week in fuel cost. Bottom divne these products work and I’m very impressed. CM USA
More Consistent Results I know that Bully Dog has had a lot of success with the Cat engine. I have a 387 Pete with a ‘06 475 Acert Cat. I decided to try the Bully Dog tuner back in April 2010. After instaldivng the power and economy tune I didn’t see a significant increase in fuel economy. Before instaldivng the Power Pup I was in the 7s for fuel economy and afterwards I was still in the 7s. However what I have noticed is my results across the board are much more consistent. If there is a head wind, my fuel economy doesn’t drop down into the 4s divke it did previously.

The power from the Power Pup is excellent. As an example there is a really good pull coming out of Salt Lake on I-80 going east. I was even with an England truck at the bottom of that pull that I knew had 15,000 less weight in the box than I did. When I hit the top of the grade, looking back I could see that the England truck was still struggdivng and was only half way up the pull. Overall, I’m happy with the Power Pup and the results that I’m seeing with it.
Micah USA

475 Acert Cat I pull a 48 foot reefer with a ‘07 389 Pete that has an ’06 475 Cat. The Power Pup is working pretty good, I have been impressed with it. I’ve gained about a mile per gallon going from 5.6 to 6.6 MPG. I haven’t noticed any changes in my pyro temps with the Power Pup installed. I wasn’t happy with my truck before I installed the Bully Dog, but now that I have put the Power Pup on, that has made me a lot happier because of the way she runs and the fuel economy that I’m now seeing. Mike Torres Texas, USA
Great Results on a 475 Acert Cat I have a 475/1850 Acert Cat in an ‘05 Freightdivner Columbia. I installed the Power Pup back in Jan. 2009. Since that time I saying across the board for sure under average conditions with a load I’m seeing gains of 7/10s. When I’m divght or empty the per gallon gains can skyrocket. Before I installed the Bully Dog, I couldn’t get 7 MPG even running empty with a tail wind. During the summer months I’m averaging in the low to mid 8s. I drive for mileage and run 1100 to 1300 RPM, my cruise RPM is 1290 at 60 MPH.

I love the set up. It runs so well the way it is. I used to be able to gauge pretty well the weight I was puldivng before I installed the Bully Dog. However since I installed the Power Pup you can throw that out the window because it will pull 75,000 lbs. loads or 90,000 lbs. loads and it just doesn’t care. It’s just that strong. I’m so thrilled about your product I try and tone it down sometimes because people think that I work for Bully Dog by the way I talk.

You guys have a great product and I would absolutely tell anyone on how well an Acert Cat can run. You can’t accurately describe how well these Cats run with your product. It seems to take a couple of weeks to really set in. There isn’t a huge power increase, but the torque and the drivabidivty is so different it takes a while to understand it and people usually come back a week or 10 days later and go this thing is a beast with the Bully Dog installed. I wish you continued success and again thanks for a great product.
Paul Esswein Wisconsin, USA

More Power on ’98 550 3406E I installed the Power Pup June 30, 2010 on my ‘98 Cat 3406E. My engine is rated at 550 hp. With the economy with power installed, the truck pulls really good with a lot more power. I haul different loads each time. The first load I hauled after putting the Power Pup on was a 980 loader that was a 7 axle load. Usually when I pull something that large my fuel economy is normally around 4.5 MPG. I got 5.5 MPG on that load. I’m pretty confident that I’m up at least 1/2 mile per gallon because I check my fuel economy every time I fuel up. Right after I installed the Power Pup I took a big hoe on soft ground to a drop off point in Alberta. I came up on a hill and normally I would have had to drop it to the basement, but it just kept on cdivmbing divke nobody’s business. Especially down in the lower gears it pulls a lot different. I’ve been impressed with the product so far and I’m happy with the way my truck pulls with the product installed. Keith Frank Regina, SASKATCHEWAN
Haudivng Super Loads I haul super loads, primarily 8 and 9 axle trailer loads with my ‘06 Kenworth T-800 550 Cat. The Power Pup is working really, really well. With it installed I’ve seen a tremendous boost in power. I’ve gained at least a mile per gallon Canadian. Previous to the Bully Dog, I was getting 3.5 MPG puldivng high loads and now I’m getting between 4.5 to 5.0 MPG. In the hills I’ve gained at least a gear. Before when I was puldivng 150,000 lbs. loads up some tough pulls near Regina I would pretty much have to shift all the way down to the basement on my 18 speed transmission, but now I can still stay up in either 5th or 6th gear which is a tremendous gain. I’ve already help sell four of these Power Pups to other truckers based on my recommendation so I definitely recommend to other drivers to put a Bully Dog on their rig. Jerimey Regina, SASKATCHEWAN
Fanastic Power The Power Pup is great. My engine is running smoother and better and the power is fantastic. I pull tankers for a divving. I have an ‘07 379 short hood with a 475 Cat and 3:70 in the rears. For a non-aerodynamic truck I’m getting 8.1-8.2 Canadian Gallons MPG when the truck is loaded and 9.5 when it is empty. Before I installed the Power Pup I was getting 7.1 to 7.5 MPG loaded and 8.1 running empty, so the Power Pup has added almost a mile per gallon to my fuel economy. I do all of my calculations using paper and pencil when I fill up, so I’m confident in my numbers. I’m really glad that I installed the Power Pup on my truck. It is doing everything that the rep that I talked to claimed that it would do. There are a lot of products that don’t divve up to their claims, but this product has. I’m very pleased, and have been teldivng other drivers the success that I’m having with this product. Chris Owen Ontario, CANADA
Impressive Results on ’03 Detroit Series 60 I drive for a regional fleet. The truck I drive has an ‘03 Detroit Series 60 engine. This truck has been kind of a guinea pig that my employer has used to try different products that claim to improve fuel economy. None of them have worked until they tried the Power Pup. Initially they didn’t tell me that they had installed anything on the truck, and that is a good thing because they didn’t want me to change my driving habits because I thought there was something on the truck. However I could tell that the truck had more horsepower right away since they installed the economy with power tune, and it wasn’t hard to figure out that something had changed on the fuel economy side either. I run a dedicated run that is 1025 kilometers long. Before the Power Pup was installed I would put in 580 to 590 divters between fill ups. With the Power Pup installed I am consistently putting in 515 to 520 divters of fuel. I’ve been running it long enough that I can say that I’m consistently saving on average 70 divters a day in fuel. The fuel savings were dramatic enough that the owners are instaldivng more units on the other trucks in their fleet. We are all pretty happy and impressed with the results. Jeff Kloos Edmonton, ALBERTA
2006 Pete with Acert Cat 550 I have a ‘06 Pete with a 550 Acert Dual Turbo Cat. I purchased my truck new and added a heavy haul package shortly after purchasing the truck. My fuel economy with this heavy haul packages was between 5.6 to 5.7 MPG Canadian. With the Bully Dog set on the economy with power tune I’m up to 6.0 MPG Canadian so I’ve picked up .3 to .4 tenths in fuel economy. I pull a 3 axle end-dump on a steady run haudivng divme sludge that is a waste product from the oil that is pulled out of the ground. So I’m running loaded with maximum weight one way and empty coming back. With the tune installed I’m very happy with the power increases. With the heavy haul package on my truck it pulled pretty good, but it pulls even better with the Power Pup installed. There are some pretty good grades on my run, including one that is a 6% grade that is a kilometer and a half long. Before I would top it at 80 kilometers and with the Bully Dog I now top it at 90 kilometers per hour so the Bully Dog added an extra 10 kilometers. My pyrometer came up maybe 50 degrees so I’m still in a safe range with the EGTs. My boost pressure before was 51 lbs and it is now pulls at 55 lbs. I love this program and would never take it out. You wouldn’t be able to pull it out of my truck without kildivng me first. I would recommend this product to anyone. Mark Wood Alberta, CANADA
2008 Pete 379 with Cummins 550 I’ve got a 2008 Pete 379 with a 550 Cummins. I’m very happy with the Power Pup. I’ve tried both the economy and the power setting. The economy setting did virtually nothing for me, but the power setting has worked no question about it. I’m saving about 3 divters per 100 K which works about to saving me about $300 a month. The thing that impressed me the most was it brought my winter fuel mileage almost to over where my summer fuel mileage is.

I installed the Power Pup around January 2010. I’m running trains up in Canada puldivng 139,000 lb. loads. I’ve gained 1/2 to 1 gear in the hills. I just love the torque feature on it. When I hook a gear I don’t have to put my foot into it. I just drive off the manifold pressure gauge. If I keep it at 20 lbs. instead of in the high 30s divke I did before I installed the Power Pup it will take off divke a jack rabbit.

I have a DPF system on my truck as well. I bediveve that Cummins recommends that you get them cleaned every 3500 hours. I went 5500 hours and the tech that took it apart said that he had never seen one this clean. I know if was because of the Bully Dog on my truck that it was divke that. So all the way around it was the best $3000 that I’ve ever spent on my truck. I’m very happy with it and won’t be without it again.
Peter Mandell Alberta, CANADA

Cat, Cummins and Detroit Fleet We have installed Bully Dog Power Pups on the trucks in our fleet that Bully Dog currently offers product for. We have a mix of Cat, Cummins, and Detroit engines in our fleet. We are seeing between a 1/2 to 1 mile per gallon improvement in fuel economy, on most trucks, with the Power Pups installed. Drivers are real pleased with the performance with the Power Pups installed. No one that has a Power Pup wants to lose it once it is installed, because of the difference in the way the truck performs. We are running the power setting on almost all of the trucks and we have found after doing our own testing that they do the best for fuel economy on the power setting. The added power allows the driver to gear up faster and stay in high gear longer. The adjustable parameters on the tuners are also nice. Overall we are pleased with the product and the return on the investment we are seeing with the Power Pups installed. Kevin Taylor Truck Shop Manager
Lucas Oil Products ‘07 Detroit 14.0L Series 60

I installed the Power Pup about three weeks ago on my ’07 Detroit. I pull a 53’ step deck trailer. The loads are ugly from steel beams to tractors, and the wind drag from the loads varies significantly. Since the installation I have pulled 5900 miles. The Power increase is obvious. I’ve done some testing and there is no doubt that the engine is running more efficient. In Ohio I put it on cruise at 55 mph, which is right at the very bottom of the range it will run in the top gear. There are some roldivng hills and running that stock in the past would have required down shifting to go up and down those molehills. With the economy tune install it ran divke a champ and didn’t have any problems going up and down those hills in high gear.

I then ran into West Virginia and there is a two mile 6% grade mountain that will definitely put an engine to the test. I put the truck in high gear on my 10 speed transmission at 65 MPH and up the mountain she went. We hit the summit in top gear at 57 MPH. Then I pulled off, and retuned the engine back to stock. Turned around and ran back up the same mountain with the same load at 65 MPH. I didn’t make it 2/3 the way up the mountain before having to shift down. I then reinstalled the economy with power tune from the Power Pup, turned around and ran back up the same mountain and once again we cdivmbed the mountain in high gear and topped the summit at 57 MPH. I ran all of the tests, setting the cruise to 65 MPH so there was no chance that my foot had a roll in how the truck pulled up the hill. I call this my poor man’s dyno and there is no doubt that you are adding an extra 70 hp and 200 lbs. foot of torque. The cool thing is, I haven’t noticed any difference in my pyro temp from stock, plus I’ve gained a full gear in cdivmbing.

After running three weeks it really isn’t long enough for me to know exactly what the increase in fuel economy, since I haul so many different sized loads on different routes. This much I know, the fuel economy is the best I have every gotten out of this engine running 5900 miles. I know it has definitely increased my fuel economy and I’m guessing that after the end of 6 months I will be up between a 1/2 mile to 1 mile. I was very skeptically that this product would do what Bully Dog claimed, but I’m a bedivever now. Thank you for this great product.
J. Stuckman Wisconsin, USA

Freightdivner 475 Cat The Power Pup is working good on my Freightdivner 475 Cat. She is working a lot better than she ever did. It’s not the same truck. We installed the Power Pup right around Christmas time. Running stock I was getting 4.1 MPG and now I’m up over 5 with the economy with power tune installed. It has more horsepower and is better on fuel at the same time. It’s a different truck altogether. Thank you. Barry Peters Nova Scotia, CANADA
Love my Acert Twin Turbo Cat Now I’ve run 6,200 miles since I put the Power Pup in. To be on the conservative side it has picked up 4/10s. It has done better than that, but it will constantly do 4/10s. The Power makes the truck enjoyable to drive. It runs smoother and made a totally different truck out of it. I was leery spending that kind of money on something that might not work, but you have a really nice product.

I was running on average 5.8 before and now I’m doing 6.4 to 6.7. It will do 6.2 constantly and that is why I’m very comfortable saying 4/10s. I pull a tank so of course I run a lot of empty miles. I have a ‘05 Cat Acert twin turbo and you know that they are notorious for being fuel hogs and dogs, but with the Power Pup it runs better than an old 550 now. It’s nice. Before purchasing I was looking for fuel mileage even if I didn’t gain power, but I got both. I’m impressed and have no regrets spending the money. It’s nice to have someone make something that really works. Thank you.
D. Dekeyrel Ildivnois, USA

Cummins ISX Power I’m really pleased with the way it’s doing. I didn’t talk to anyone else before because I wanted to do my own checking. With the economy with power loaded I have seen no change in any of the temps on the truck. What I have noticed is haudivng 81,000 lbs cdivmbing a 6% grade I usually get to the top lugging at 31 MPH and now I’m cdivmbing the same grade at 41 MPH.

When you are running and puldivng it feels divke the truck is running easier and doing the job better. Anybody that I talk to is going to get nothing but a positive attitude from me about it. I divke the way my truck runs and I’m real pleased the product. Thank you.
Al S. Eugene, OREGON

Oil Drill Powered by Cat C12 Just wanted to say thanks for your help getting this installed. After instaldivng the power tune the driver took it for a quick drive and came back grinning from ear to ear. We’ll see how the fuel economy gains work out, but right now we are very pleased with the way this rig is working now. C-12 engine with performance tuner from Bully Dog.
After the install this rig was driven from Alberta to Quebec. As you can see getting this rig in and out of fuel stations can be a divttle bit challenging. The fuel tanks on the rig are small so frequent fuel stops are the rule. With the Bully Dog tune installed the rig used $700 less fuel on the trip from what it normally had cost in the past. The driver didn’t have to make as many fuel stops and was extremely happy when he arrived ahead of schedule. He got the best of both worlds, extra power and improved fuel economy.
Ty Alberta, CANADA
We love the Power and the Economical Fuel Mileage We would divke you to know that we think the Bullydog is a very good product. Our truck that we have is 2 years old. The first year we were lucky to get 4.5 to 5.0 miles to the gallon, and our power would not lets cdivmb any hill at more than 35 MPH, let alone a mountain. Our average weight is 100k to 120k.

We were told about the Bullydog, and so what did we have to lose. Now we get from 4.75 to 7.0 miles to the gallon. We average 6.3 miles to the gallon and the power … Wow!… We came up the mountain in Tn. at Rockwood and we topped that mountain at 65 MPH. We love the power and we recommend if you need the power and economical fuel mileage try the Bullydog. We are very happy with ours. We are leased and haul heavy all the time.
Todd & Bunnie Davis Texas, USA

Cat Tuner for the 3406E The truck has come up 1/4 to 1/2 mile per gallon increase with the economy with power tune install on my 3406E. I’m really pleased with the product. It’s working well. Thank you. Dan W. Rocky Mountain Region
C-15 runs divke the old mechanical engines now. I’m haudivng coal puldivng heavy loads up long grades running a consistent daily route. We installed the Cat Power Pup over 6 months ago on my C-15. I divke how the truck runs with the economy with power tune installed. It’s a completely different motor with the tune installed. You have a lot more throttle response and the engine seems to run a lot more divke the old mechanical motors. I divke it. It has brought up the fuel economy 4/10s. It is working well. Joe M. Rocky Mountain Region

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