Bully Dog

More About Bully Dog

In addition to diesel pickup trucks, now Bully Dog has engineered performance upgrades for Volkswagen TDIs, RVs, Farm Tractors, even Mercedes-Benz diesels and Big Rigs. Their products are well thought out, user friendly and technologically advanced with features that will enhance your driving experience and save you money at the pump. Trust Bully Dog to deliver the equipment to make your diesel performance dreams a reality!

Today Bully Dog compliments their exciting tuners and power modules by offering their customers fully enclosed air intake systems and Rapid Flow exhaust kits. These aftermarket diesel performance products from Bully Dog enhance your truck’s power, fuel economy and overall driving experience. Their exhausts all come with stainless steel exhaust tips to complete the look of your truck. From diesel performance electronics to intakes and exhausts, Bully Dog delivers.

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