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Banks Speedbrake

Banks Speedbrake Electronic Exhaust Brake

Why settle for primitive exhaust brakes that barely brake? When your diesel is working hard to haul loads and navigates hills, step up to the world’s premiere, most advanced exhaust brake — the all-electronic Banks SpeedBrake!

Key Features

  • Extensively tested & validated
  • All-electronic design with exclusive Speed Control
  • Automatically maintained, user selectable downhill speed (25-75 mph)
  • Far superior basic braking function than conventional exhaust brakes
  • Cuts downhill speed up to nearly 80%
  • Plug-&-play install — no need for cutting or welding

SpeedBrake shown here with Banks iQ Monitor, not included on all vehicles

(Above image shows iQ monitor – not included with SpeedBrake on some vehicle models.)

An all-electronic virtuoso of braking technology, the SpeedBrake’s plug-in connection makes for a clean and simple installation without cutting or tapping into vital wire harnesses. No need to crawl under your truck to cut up the exhaust system — no mechanical “adjustments” necessary to insure its function. SpeedBrake uses the trucks own components giving you the safety needed with no added mechanical parts to fool around with or second guess.

SpeedBrake has no competition and makes no compromises. As a smart device, the SpeedBrake becomes an active component of your vehicle, constantly monitoring and adjusting systems achieving the speed you set. Using its patented technology the SpeedBrake controls your transmission’s shifting, locks and unlocks the torque converter and infinitely varies the VG turbo’s vanes to hold your set speed and maximize stopping performance to ensure that you have the safety and confidence for the long haul.