AirDog II-5G Lift Pumps

Airdog has done it again with a true industry first! The all-new Airdog II-5G is the first fuel air separation system made with a diaphragm fuel pressure regulator. You can easily adjust the regulator from a range of 7 to 70 psi, and boost can be compensated as well. The II-5G product line includes higher-flowing 220 GPH pumps, as well as a kit for the newer 2017+ Ford Powerstroke trucks. That kit allows for variable fuel pressure just as factory, and requires no tuning or cutting to the factory wiring on the vehicle. The II-5G lift pumps come with larger ports. They use 3/416 O-ring boss (-8) inlet and outlet ports and a 7/16-20 return port (-4). This gives you more options for fuel line sizing if needed.

Many features carry over from the groundbreaking II-4G kits. The II-5G fuel pumps are similarly built with a four-bearing design with an intermediate shaft. This reduces pump noise for a super-quiet ridge, and increases pump longevity and reliability. The Low Flow Return reduces aeration in your fuel tank. The Demand Flow feature enables the pump to only send the fuel the engine needs. And like II-4G, these new II-5G kits come with a Dual Feed that feeds fuel to both sides of the Gerotor Pump to decrease cavitation.