More About AirDog

AirDog Fuel Preporators help maintain peak fuel flow and fuel delivery by removing impurities like air, water, and vapor from your diesel fuel. Cleaner diesel fuel leads to improved diesel engine performance and boosts your horsepower and improves throttle response. One of our favorite effects of AirDog Fuel Preporators is improved fuel economy. Most diesel truck owners will notice a nice bump in fuel economy of 1-2 mpg, and with the price of diesel fuel today the savings can really add up.

In addition to improved diesel fuel filtration, AirDog lift pumps are built with dual port gerotor pumps that are quiet and provide balanced operation. AirDog lift pumps are built to operate at flow rates and pressure volumes in excess of the maximum OEM engine requirements. The AirDog recieves fuel under vacuum from your diesel fuel tank, passes the fuel through the water and air separator and filters, and goes to your injection pump at consistent and higher pressures for enhanced fueling and performance.

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