When it comes to diesel performance, there is a trinity of upgrades that are fairly easy to install, affordable, and that every diesel owner should make to their vehicle in order to improve fuel economy and power. Those upgrades are a diesel chip, an air intake, and an exhaust system. Unlike with gas engines, the need to maintain a certain amount of exhaust back-pressure is not a factor with diesel engines. In fact, the opposite is true.

Your inefficiently designed factory exhaust system robs your engine of power and economy. Because of the small size of your stock exhaust system, your diesel engine is always forcing expelled exhaust gases out through a hole that is too small. Making your engine work hard means you’re wasting fuel to get the job done. By installing a larger diesel exhaust with a smooth, mandrel bent radius, you will enjoy better fuel mileage and additional power from your engine. You’ll also be able to tow heavy loads with increased power and lower exhaust gas temperatures.

You can choose from turbo back exhaust, Cat Back exhaust or DPF Back exhaust systems in four main materials; 304 Stainless Steel, 409 Stainless Steel, Aluminized Steel, and variations of Black Stainless or Black Aluminized Steel. The choices are virtually limitless, especially since most manufacturers also give you a choice of single or dual exit systems. Even if your diesel is equipped with a catalytic converter or a particulate filter, the addition of a larger diameter exhaust after any emission control devices will still help improve your exhaust flow.

Advances in technology allow diesel owners to customize their exhaust with a diesel muffler in many ways. If you want reduced sound or a more aggressive exhaust note, we’ve got a performance muffler for that. If you want a diesel muffler that will give you more fuel economy, or better flows leading to more power and reduced EGT’s, we’ve got you covered. We always stocks a full line of Aero Exhaust Mufflers. For less than $200, you can save a few miles per gallon for years to come; and, they work on almost any diesel. Aero Exhaust turbine mufflers are a great upgrade for RV’s and Motor homes. They will enhance the fuel economy and savings of any vehicle – we’ve even had them installed on racing boats!