Cold Air Intakes

Advancements in technology and computerization have lead to significant improvements in aftermarket diesel intake systems in recent years. Manufacturers now use sophisticated computer models and tools to measure flow rates and oxygen density, allowing them to make intake kits that deliver substantial gains each and every time. What might have passed as a performance intake ten years ago is a dinosaur today, and a quick comparison test on the dyno would show just how exceptional today’s cold air intakes really are.

Part of the secret behind the popularity of cold air intakes isn’t really that secret – it’s simple math. With conical air filters in these intake kits, the filter surface area is greatly increased, allowing for corresponding increases in airflow without sacrificing dirt and particle filtration. It’s the best of both worlds. Companies like S&B Filters invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in in house testing equipment and independent ISO testing that ensures your diesel intake not only increases air flow, but filters out dirt and pollutants, protecting your investment in an expensive diesel engine.

We offer cold air intake kits for most diesels, including Dodge Ram Cummins, Chevy & GMC Duramax, and Ford Powerstroke trucks. Need an intake system for your VW TDI? Select your vehicle above and pick the intake that will fit your Jetta, Golf or Passat TDI. We carry all of the best brands – companies that stand behind their product. Give your diesel the air it needs to breath today with a cold air intake from Parley’s Diesel Performance!