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South Bend Clutch Stage 1 Kits are a heavy duty version of the stock OEM clutch. The Pressure Plate has an increase clamp load for extended life. The disc is dual dampened for smooth engagement and increased transmission life. Premium friction material ensures rapid heat dissipation increasing the life of the clutch.

Key Features

  • Recommended for Regular Towing & Daily Driving.
  • 13” Full Organic Clutches
  • Smooth Engagement – Feels Like Stock
  • Ideal forstock to Moderate Power Upgrades
  • Some Kits Include Flywheel & Hydraulics

Before ordering, try to figure out how much horsepower your truck makes. It is important to get as close as you can. Many people don’t realize that you can over-clutch a system. A clutch designed to hold 550 hp may not act right in a truck that only puts out 350 hp to the rear wheels. Planning to upgrade your truck’s performance in the future? Realize that if you choose a clutch based on that, and you don’t upgrade later, you might end up with parts you’re not happy with.

South Bend Clutch General Important Guidelines:

  • The hp rating of the clutch should match or slightly exceed the estimated hp of the truck
  • Any truck used for competition sled-pulling should use an SFI approved multi-disc clutch.
  • Trucks in excess of 450 rear wheel hp that regularly tow 15,000 lbs or more should use a double disc clutch designed for the street.
  • Trucks that are above the 450 RWHP which are used primarily for towing should use a street double disc. A full metallic single disc clutch is likely to engage too aggressively, especially on 2WD trucks.
  • High torque clutches often incorporate metallic linings which may cause an aggressive engagement. This may be even more apparent when towing.
  • Performance or high torque clutches may feel, drive or sound different than the factory system.
  • Break in your clutch with at least 500 miles of stop and go driving before pulling a load.
  • Avoid down-shifting rather than using your brakes. Down-shifting flexes the pressure plate causing uneven wear. Brakes are less costly than clutches.
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