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SCT Tuning has taken the proven tuning of their famous Livewire platform and upgraded it with a large color touch screen and more bells and whistles to give diesel performance enthusiasts like you a powerful new tool that will help you get the most useable power and fuel economy out of your ride. The Livewire TS+ Performance Programmer and Monitor unlocks your vehicle’s hidden performance by re-calibrating your vehicle’s computer for maximum horsepower & torque, increased throttle response, firmer shifts and even increased fuel mileage.

Key Features

  • Gain Horsepower, Torque and Fuel Mileage
  • Color 4” Touch Screen Display
  • Rear View Camera Input
  • Pre-Loaded Dyno Proven Tune Files
  • Also Holds up to 10 Custom Tunes
  • Automatic On / Off / Sleep Mode
  • Reads and Clears DTC Trouble Codes
  • Built-In Performance Calculator
  • High Speed Data Logging & Monitoring
  • User Adjustable Tune Options
  • User Selectable Graphics & Gauge Layouts
  • User Adjustable Warning / Alerts
  • Windshield Mount Included
  • Note: Does Not Support Emissions Deletes


The Livewire TS+ features a full color 4” touch screen display with built-in ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment day & night. It comes with both a Sleep & Auto Off mode. Two minutes after the ignition is turned off, Livewire TS goes into sleep mode, drawing very little power. After 2 days of inactivity, it automatically turns itself off to save your vehicle’s battery. With all SCT devices, once returned to stock, there is no footprint or trace of the tune in the vehicle’s PCM.

One of the really helpful things about the SCT Livewire is the ability to use the large color screen to help you back up your pickup truck. Especially helpful if you don’t have someone that can guide your hitch to just the right spot. The Livewire TS comes with a rear view camera input. This Rear View Camera Input Connector is built-in to the Livewire TS+ OBD-II Cable for easy connection of most aftermarket rear view cameras!


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