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About The S&B Fuel Tank

Berry and Jill Carter took over S&B in the year 2003 when it was still a small company and have worked hard ever since to make it into the competent and competitive business that it has become today. Their original focus was on air filters, but in recent years they have expanded their vision to include other categories in the the aftermarket industry, all with the goal of improving the efficiency of diesel vehicles.

S&B is a family-owned and operated business who have always strived to produce high-quality, dependable products for their customers. Each S&B diesel fuel tank has been researched, designed, and tested to produce the maximum fuel holding gains possible while keeping a competitive level of ground clearance. They are available for Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax, and Dodge Cummins diesel engines, as well as some Sprinter vans.

Why get a Bigger Tank?

If you are new to the diesel engine world then you may not be aware that diesel engines, and especially those for heavy-duty vehicles require a lot of fuel to get the output that these amazing machines are capable of. Heavy-duty diesel engines trade in miles-per-gallon for increased gains in horsepower and torque. So while you get the powerful engine that you have been dreaming about, that power comes at the price of having to fuel up more frequently when towing heavy loads.

For those who are familiar with this issue, it might be said that it is one of the most frustrating parts of driving a diesel truck. Depending on the load you are hauling, headwinds, hills, and other variables your vehicle might go from 14-24 mpg while empty to the single digits. By increasing your fuel capacity you can save yourself precious time that is spent at the fuel pump, and the worry that you might redline before you can get there.

S&B's fuel tanks help circumvent this issue by allowing your vehicle to carry more fuel with you in a convenient, and easy-to-use manner. With one you may be able to increase your fuel capacity by as much as 50% depending on your vehicle type. Imagine being able to cruise continuously down the freeway, or around the mountain pass with your load in tow, knowing that you don’t have to stop at every gas station along the way. Sounds liberating, right? 

S&B Fuel Tank for duramax engine

S&B's Tanks Fix Many of the Common Issues with Manufacturer Fuel Tanks

When S&B began designing their fuel tanks, they wanted to make sure that the end result would be something that they could not only be proud of as a company but that the customers who purchased them could be proud to have. In their research, they took special care to note all the regular issues that manufactured fuel tanks have, and see if they could improve them. Thanks to their long hours of research and development, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, the S&B Fuel Tank product line not only made improvements but replaced the common issues with better solutions.

Here are a couple of side-by-side examples of how S&B's tanks are better than manufacturer tanks.

S&B tanks are made from better materials.

S&B Fuel Tank for Mercedes Sprinter Van

OE fuel tanks are usually made from steel, which is good because steel is strong. Steel is also heavy which adds to drag and decreases maneuverability. The biggest weaknesses in steel fuel tanks are that they are vulnerable to rust and corrosion caused by rock salt, the metal surface attracts condensation, and the welded seams can become vulnerable to strain.

All S&B Tanks are made from high-density, crosslinked polyethylene. This plastic material, also known as PEX, XPE, or XLPE is the same highly durable material that is used in pipework systems in buildings and heating and cooling systems. While not as strong as steel, polyethylene is still plenty strong, and much lighter. In crashes, plastic fuel tanks have been known to rebound back into shape, whereas steel fuel tanks might be damaged beyond repair. Plastic is non-corrosive, so rust, road salt, and moisture will have little to no effect on their functionality. Additionally, these tanks have a seamless design, so the same level of strength is spread throughout the entire design.

Mounting a S&B Fuel Tank Is Easy and More Secure.

Manufacturer mounting is often made of poor-quality materials that corrode or wear out over time. This exposes your fuel tank to the possibility of having weakening support which can result in it wobbling, hanging loose, and even falling off. All of which can cause damage to the fuel tank, and to your vehicle.

 Where needed, S&B's Fuel Tank products come with E-coated, stainless steel mounting straps that are super resistant to corrosion. They are designed to keep your fuel tank where it should be.

Another benefit to replacing your fuel tank with one from S&B instead of another aftermarket brand is that S&B Tanks are designed to fit into the same location as the stock part does, and contours around the drive shaft. This enables the larger tank to still have a competitive amount of ground clearance which helps with maneuverability, and airflow.

Fuel tanks from S&B can be installed in just a few hours and without any need for specialized tools or know-how. They utilize certain OE parts like the factory fill neck and fuel gauge sending units to make installation simple and efficient, and the readings accurate.

S&B Fuel Tank for Powerstroke

Add-on flexibility

S&B Tanks for Powerstroke

Manufacturer fuel tanks do not generally come with options for additional functionality. They are simply built to store the fuel. This can make installing aftermarket parts like lift pumps difficult, as not all of them are designed to fit easily with stock parts. In cases where truck owners want to have the ability to transfer fuel from one vehicle or tank to another, it is sometimes necessary to install a second tank for that purpose.

One special feature about S&B tanks is that they are compatible with OE and aftermarket lift pumps, like those from FASS AirDog. Transfer pumps can also be installed directly into the tank, which removes the need to have an additional tank for transfer, and makes the overall process easier and more efficient each time.

S&B Tanks are an Environmentally Friendly Solution

 Have you ever had someone get after you for driving a big truck because of how it “affects the environment”? Well, one fun feature about S&B Fuel Tank products is that your choice to use them could be seen as being environmentally friendly. Here is the rundown.

S&B has designed its fuel tanks to optimize fuel delivery to the engine, enabling your engine to produce more power with less waste. By having a larger fuel tank, your vehicle can travel longer distances at more constant speeds, allowing your vehicle to be more efficient and consume less fuel. 

S&B Tanks are also corrosion resistant, which makes them last longer than stock fuel tanks, creating less need for replacements. Even when the time comes to replace it, your fuel tank from S&B will still be more environmentally friendly than the stock tanks because it can be more easily recycled.

S&B Fuel Tank for Dodge Ram

As a company, S&B is very careful to stick to the strict environmental standards that are part of being a professional aftermarket parts manufacturer. They make sure that their products achieve the proper levels of environmental testing for emissions, waste management, and sustainable material sourcing. Additionally, the company is based in the United States, so even the cost of shipping it statewide uses fewer resources than companies that manufacture overseas.

The next time someone gets on your case for the supposed impact that you are having on the environment, try introducing them to your S&B Fuel Tank. By the time you are done explaining all the valuable environmental perks that it gives your vehicle, they might just want to buy one for themselves.

A Summary of the S&B Fuel Tank Features

  • Available for Most Dodge Ram Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, and GM Duramax Diesels
  • Also Available for Many Popular Sprinter Vans
  • Significantly Larger Fuel Capacity
  • Works with OEM or Aftermarket Lift Pumps
  • Integrated Fuel Sump - Ready for Installation of Lift Pumps like FASS or AirDog
  • Ground Clearance Remains Competitive
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Corrosion Resistant Coated Stainless Steel Tank Mounting Straps
  • Fuel Gauge Works as Normal with Most Trucks
  • Optional Fuel Transfer Pump Kits Available for Some Models
  • Compatible with All Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck Hitches
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
S&B Tanks Key Features

Customer Satisfaction

Long before they started making fuel tanks, S&B had customer satisfaction as one of the primary, supporting pillars of their company. The company owners work closely with the customer service department to make sure that every customer who calls in has a satisfactory experience with S&B and their products.

The S&B Fuel Tank product line has received many great reviews, both written and recorded, by happy customers nationwide and why shouldn't it?  Having a fuel tank from S&B resolves many of the issues that stock fuel tanks have, and cause. The ability to travel longer distances without having to be constantly keeping one eye on the fuel gauge and the other on the lookout for fuel stops is worth it just on its own.

Here is what other people have said about their decision to buy an S&B Fuel Tank.

Additional Questions about the S&B Fuel Tank

Will changing the stock fuel tank for one from S&B mess up my distance to empty (DTE)?

In certain vehicles, it is possible that your DTE gauge display may be incorrect after a fuel tank from S&B is installed. To resolve this issue, S&B has partnered with EZ Lynk to create a simple, and free fix for our customers.

EZ Lynk has created a product called the Auto Agent 2.0 which we will ship out to our customers for free as long as they have purchased a S&B Fuel Tank. A $500 deposit hold will be placed on the customer's credit card, but that hold will be removed once the Auto Agent 2.0 has been shipped back to S&B headquarters. To make this process even easier, S&B includes an RMA label inside the box.

Can in-bed tanks be used with S&B Tanks?

The warranty of your S&B Fuel Tank will be voided if you use a gravity feed tank or electronically controlled transfer tank with it. The reason for this is that these types of tanks allow you to fill your fuel tank past its capacity, which can result in tank expansion, leaks, and tank failure. 

Can I install my S&B Fuel Tank by myself?

The size of the fuel tank will depend on your vehicle. They can be installed alone, but as some are quite long it may be recommended to have an additional person or two to help you.

Does it matter which S&B Fuel Tank I buy for my vehicle?

Yes. S&B has designed its fuel tanks to fit a specific vehicle or vehicle. They are meant to be installed in the same area as the stock part, contour around the crankshaft, and fit snugly to the parts of the specified vehicle. Purchasing a tank that is not designed for your vehicle will likely result in the product not being installable.

Do I need a professional mechanic to install my S&B Fuel Tank?

While it is always recommended that someone with experience performs any replacement or repair work on your vehicle, S&B has designed their fuel tanks to be easy to install. They use what the company calls “plug and play” installation mechanics. The S&B Fuel tank will fit into the same spot where the stock fuel tank was located. It will use some of the original connecting parts and should be able to be accomplished in a matter of a few hours.

There are video tutorials online that show how the process is done for those who want additional guidance.

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