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Snow Performance 7 Gallon Water-Methanol Reservoir SNO-40016

Part# SNO-40016
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Product Description

Snow Performance’s Seven Gallon Reservoir is perfect for those looking to maximize the range of their Boost Cooler water-methanol injections system. Sized at 15" Long x 18" High x 9" Wide, this tank offers a large fluid capacity but in a nice, compact design. The tank tucks up nicely against the side of your truck bed, limiting the amount of bed space used.

Snow Performance thought of everything so the 7 gallon reservoir comes complete with pre-bent aluminum straps, fitting, 10 feet of tubing, and a Solenoid Upgrade. If you are wondering how much range you can expect to get with this 7 Gallon Reservoir using water-methanol injection, the answer of course depends on what you’re driving, how fast you’re driving it, and if you are towing a load.

Water-Methanol Tank Mileage Ranges

  • On a Stage 1 or 2 system, the factory washer fluid tank on a pickup truck (usually 1-1.5 gallons) will last a tank of fuel. This is for normal mixed driving with no towing and some aggressive acceleration.
  • On a Stage 3 MPG MAX™ used for towing, the 7 gallon reservoir (included with the MPG MAX™) usually lasts 1-2 tanks of diesel fuel. In an un-loaded state, the 7 gallon reservoir will provide about 1000 miles of range. When towing, the 7 gallon usually lasts about 500 miles.
  • A standard Stage 3 system will use about 1 gallon of liquid for every 75 miles of towing. Many Stage 3 users take advantage of their stock washer tank or the special universal fitting included in Stage 3 Snow Performance diesel kits with a custom large capacity tank. Be sure to use a solenoid upgrade for any reservoir mounted in the rear of the vehicle.

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