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Industrial Injection Silver Bullet 64 PhatShaft Turbo for 2004.5-2007 Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins

Part# 3642417412
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Product Description

The Silver Bullet Series PhatShaft is Industrial Injection’s latest effort to achieve perfection. Much like the Super PhatShaft, the Silver Series was designed to handle multiple fueling upgrades and comes in four sizes; 62mm, 64mm, 66mm and now 69mm. What separates the Silver Bullet PhatShaft from the SuperPhat Shaft is Industrial’s new technology 74mm turbine wheel. This turbo is the 64mm Silver Phatshaft and is an attempt to balance the needs of a daily driver with a high horsepower racer. Light towing only is recommended.

Key Features

  • 64mm Extended Tip Compressor Wheel
  • Drop In Replacement Turbo
  • No Core Charge
  • Dual Grooved High Performance Journal Bearings
  • 74mm Turbine Wheel
  • Lower Exhaust Gas Temperatures
  • 14cm Exhaust Housing
  • Adjustable Boost Elbow
  • Wastegate Fooler Required

To improve on the Super PhatShaft turbos Industrial needed improved performance at a lower rpm range with reduced compressor surge. What they came up with is the 74mm turbine which is the latest in turbine trim design technology. The new trim design transfers exhaust gas energy more efficiently than any other turbine on the market. It also allows for better exhaust gas expulsion which results in lower EGT’s and quicker rotor acceleration. The most important benefit of the 74 mm turbine wheel is that it gets rid of turbo surge and broadens the power band range.

Another identifying characteristic of the Silver series PhatShaft is the polished compressor housing. The Silver series utilizes the proven 14cm exhaust housing in which Industrial modified the angle of the exhaust nozzle. Industrial Injection also maximized the wastegate ports and enlarged the wastegate chamber for full wastegate travel. Like all PhatShaft turbochargers they are equipped with dual grooved high performance bearings and an adjustable boost elbow.