Bully Dog Sensor Docking Station with Pyrometer 40384

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Product Description

The Pyrometer Probe Kit includes all the parts and pieces necessary to acquire exhaust gas temperatures to display on the Triple Dog GT Tuner or the Watch Dog Economy Monitor. This kit includes one pyrometer probe which will capture one temperature reading along the exhaust stream. The PCH board, the electronic dock for the pyrometer probe, can accomodate up to two pyrometer probes offering the ability to capture exhaust gas temperatures for two different locations along the exhaust stream.

Installing a Pyrometer Probe Kit along with a 40420, a diesel Triple Dog GT, unlocks the safety defueling feature for defueling based on exhaust gas temperatures. The Bully Dog devices that utilize this kit all have the programming ability to display up to two pyrometer temperature readings simultaneously. To obtain two EGT temperature readings you would need an additional Bully Dog Pyrometer Probe.