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Bully Dog Big Rig Heavy Duty WatchDog (HDWD) for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit 46501

Part# 46501 l UPC# 681018465014
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Product Description

Bully Dog Big Rig’s Heavy Duty WatchDog (HDWD) is a multi-function digital gauge pack designed to help truck drivers improve fuel economy, reduce vehicle wear and tear, improve on road safety, and increase utility. The WatchDog is packed with features that provide Fleet managers and owner operators with tools to save money and help improve driver behavior.

Key Features

  • Driving Coach Fuel Economy Optimizer
  • Gauges & Safety Warnings
  • Speed Limiter Adjustment
  • Easy Installation
  • Reads & Erases Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Internet Updates & Upgrades
  • Works on Many Semi Tractors

Bully Dog has invested significant resources in research, engineering and testing into the Heavy Duty WatchDog. Fleet owners, fleet managers and owner operators can use the Heavy Duty WatchDog as a tool for improvement and a tool for analysis. The HD WatchDog will allow you to record and download trip information into an Excel spreadsheet. The WatchDog also packs with it some very important features that drivers, in the past, have paid big bucks for like the ability to run vehicle diagnostics and the ability to change the vehicles top speed limiter. Features like those come standard on the WatchDog along with many more.

The Driving Coach optimizes fuel economy with a host of features.

  • Displays instant fuel economy
  • Displays trip economy info
  • Displays driving efficiency
  • Gives visual and audible feedback
  • Exports driving reports into Excel
  • Can be password protected
  • Records and analyzes multiple engine parameters

Digital Gauge Monitor

  • Monitor four vehicle parameters simultaneously
  • Prevent unsafe vehicle temps and levels
  • Set automated safety warnings
  • Visual and audible feedback warnings

Diagnostic Code Reader

  • Read trouble code number and description
  • Erase code from engine or drive train computer
  • Perform vehicle diagnostics on the road
  • Do it yourself, no mechanic necessary

Speed Limit Adjuster

  • Adjust top speed limiter in the engine computer
  • Remain compliant in any state or province
  • Avoid costly change fees and fines

As an example of the usefulness of the speed limit adjuster, driving through some provinces in Canada requires that the speed governor be set to 65 mph. With the WatchDog you can quickly change the OEM speed limiter/ governor in the ECM as many times as is necessary without any assistance necessary. Fleet managers can also improve the fuel economy of their entire fleet by lowering speed limiters on their fleet.