Banks Monster Exhaust with Black Tip for 2017-2022 Ford Super Duty 6.7L Powerstroke 49794-B

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Product Description

The all new Banks Monster Exhaust is a DPF-back exhaust system featuring constant-diameter 4" mandrel bent 409 stainless steel tubing and Banks’ exclusive CoolCuff exhaust gas temperature reduction system. It fits all cab and bed configurations (except cab & chassis models) on 2017-2022 Ford F-250, F-350 and F-450 Super Duty trucks with the Powerstroke diesel. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) on the Ford is cleaned through a process called regeneration. During this process, the truck‚Äôs exhaust acts like a furnace, expelling dangerously hot exhaust gasses out the tailpipe. Unlike other aftermarket exhausts, the Monster Exhaust with CoolCuff reduces temps as much as or more than stock while cutting power-robbing backpressure. It accomplishes this by drawing in cool air from under the truck and mixing it with the hot exhaust gas before it reaches the tip. The CoolCuff is the key!

Key Features

  • Improves flow and cuts backpressure by nearly 40 percent
  • Mandrel bent Stainless Steel construction
  • Virtually eliminates backpressure
  • Lowers exhaust gas temps
  • CoolCuff cools exhaust temps
  • Safely clears the spare tire, shocks and brake lines
  • Works with OEM gooseneck hitch
  • Includes Black Tip. Select Banks Exhaust 49794 for Chrome Tip
  • Note: Will Not fit Cab & Chassis Trucks

Banks’ exclusive CoolCuff design lowers tailpipe temperatures as much or more than stock while simultaneously improving flow and cutting backpressure. So what?? Well, this means more power to your wheels and improved fuel economy to your wallet — That’s what!! Not to mention the safety of people, property and pets passing by your tailpipe.

The system includes Banks’ exclusive 6" X 5" ob-round (patented design) angle-cut rolled-edge tailpipe tip in your choice of polished chrome-over stainless or high-temp black! And to help keep it looking good, there’s a 1/2" air gap to keep heat from tarnishing the finish. An adjustable clamp lets you position it on the tailpipe just right.