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The PPE high flow exhaust manifold is designed to replace the poorly designed factory manifolds on your Duramax. The factory driver’s side exhaust manifold has a large section that is unnecessarily pinched for steering shaft clearance. This creates a huge bottleneck in the flow of exhaust gasses, and because it’s only on the drivers side it creates an imbalance in the engine and causes heat to build up. The PPE exhaust manifold upgrade improves power and fuel mileage, lowers EGT’s, improves turbo function, improves balance in the engine and helps it run more smoothly.

PPE exhaust manifolds improve exhaust flow and power while still being 50 state legal. The upgraded Duramax exhaust manifolds are available with a raw finish, a silver ceramic coating, or a black ceramic coating. The ceramic coating helps keep the heat inside the exhaust manifold to drive the turbo better and also help keep the heat down in the engine bay.

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