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Cummins ISX Oil Cooler

Cummins ISX and X15 engines are great engines but they do have some issues that aftermarket parts like those from PDI help overcome. One of the most common issues, especially in the older models of the ISX, is the engine oil overheating.

The OEM ISX and X15 engines come with a complete cooling system that includes a radiator, fan, oil cooler with a single cooling pack, and a thermostat. The fan on most of the engines is set to kick on once the temperature reaches 210-215° F, however, the fan and radiator aren’t always enough to keep the heat down, and there are many reports of people having their ISX engine stay near 250° F or higher when pulling heavy loads. 

These high temperatures are dangerous. Engine oil undergoes chemical changes at high temperatures which causes it to deteriorate and reduces its ability to lubricate. Without proper lubrication, the engine experiences more friction and heat, and will eventually seize up. Massive damage can come as a result of poor lubrication to the point that the engine might even be unfixable. 

PDI has created an aftermarket Cummins ISX oil cooler to help ISX and X15 engine users avoid excessive engine heat and help keep their vehicle’s internal temperature at safe performance levels.

The new and improved PDI Cummins ISX Oil Cooler

Introducing the all-new Big Boss Cummins X15 and ISX Dual Oil Cooler from Performance Diesel Inc (PDI). Reduce your everyday operating temperatures with a rugged, durable American-made Dual Oil Cooler.

It is called the Dual Oil Cooler because, unlike the stock part which only comes with a single cooling pack, the Dual Oil Cooler has two. Between the two packs, the cooling capacity of the PDI Dual Oil Cooler is 65-75% more effective than the stock Cummins ISX Oil Cooler. That means it is almost twice as effective as the stock oil cooler. That’s pretty impressive.


The oil lasts longer with the PDI Dual Cummins ISX Oil Cooler

Oil, like most things, has a certain threshold for heat tolerance. The threshold of your engine oil temperature will depend on the kind that you use. Most traditional engine oil has a max threshold that is around 250° F. This is one reason why it is important to keep your oil cooler than that. If your engine oil is allowed to get that hot it will begin to break down and become less effective. This puts your engine at risk and creates a need for more frequent oil changes and maintenance.

The Cummins ISX Oil Cooler from PDI can lower your peak temperature by 20-30°.  The peak temperature is when it is at its hottest. If your vehicle with its stock cooler is regularly running at around 250° F then the dual oil cooler could knock the temperature down to as low as 220° F which is a far distance from the dangerous, deteriorating heat of 250°. Keeping your oil temperature at a more moderate level will increase its life and effectiveness by a large margin.

PDI Cummins ISX Oil Cooler

Installing your aftermarket Cummins ISX Oil Cooler

According to PDI the installation process of the new dual oil cooler should take about 5-6 hours. However, apart from the time commitment the installation process is fairly straightforward. The dual oil cooler is designed to use the same bolts and connections that the stock Cummins ISX Oil Cooler uses. Additionally, PDI sends new gaskets with each of their oil coolers to ensure that their product has the best connection and seal possible.  

Cummins ISX Oil Cooler Kit for 1998-2024 ISX and X15 Cummins engines.

If you are looking for a wonderful way to maintain safe oil temperatures so your engine can run at its peak performance for longer, then you will be interested in the PDI 111000003232 Big Boss Performance Dual Oil Cooler Kit for 1999-2024 Cummins X15 & ISX

This kit comes with the PDI Big Boss dual oil cooler and gaskets and also includes a new  Bypass Valve and Thermostat.
These products don’t need any extra modifications or other changes to other components on your engine for installation. Everything in the kit can be installed directly to your ISX or X15 Cummins engine straight out of the box.


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