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Looking to get even more power and MPG from your Banks Ram-Air Intake System? Banks’ exclusive Super-Scoop is an add-on product to the Ram-Air Intake System. The Super-Scoop connects below the front bumper, forcing a big charge of cool, pressurized ram air into the Ram-Air Intake’s air filter housing.



Key Features

  • Forces charge of cool, pressurized ram air into filter housing
  • Optimizes Ram-Air Intake efficiency for more power
  • Keeps EGT’s down while towing
  • Benefit is most noticeable when driving at “highway speeds”
  • Not available on for all Ram-Air models

Because the air is drawn from outside the engine compartment, it has greater density and makes more power than the warmer engine air.



The cooler, denser air of the Super-Scoop also improves fuel economy, reduces smoke and lowers exhaust gas temperatures, while any rainwater and debris get funneled out from the bottom.


Michael K's installed Super-Scoop
Michael K's installed Super-Scoop Front
Note: The Super-Scoop is designed for vehicles with factory sized wheels/tires. Running oversized wheels/tires may cause interference between the tire and Super-Scoop.

This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to
California Proposition 65 Notice
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