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If you’re looking for improved acceleration and enhanced fuel economy from your Cummins or Powerstroke diesel, then step up to a Banks Monster-Ram, Twin Ram or High-Ram intake manifold kit. Banks intake manifold systems help flow more air and flow it more efficiently from your intercooler, providing the benefits of greater airflow without the drawbacks of raising turbine backpressure.

Key Features

  • Increases air density, power & fuel economy
  • Oversized Inlets are CNC port matched for a perfectly engineered fit
  • Dramatically Outflows the Compeition and OEM Manifold Elbows
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Backed by a 5-year warrantyS
  • Optional Banks Billet Heater Delete & Boost Tubes - Varies by Application
Banks Cummins Diesel Monster Ram versus Stock intake manifold!




Your intake manifold is the last chance to add vital turbo boost to your engine. Banks Power intake manifolds allow for cooler, denser air — and that equates directly to real power. Don’t choke your engine with the stock intake manifold. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve already made major aftermarket modifications, step up Banks Monster-Ram or High Ram intake and feel the difference right in your seat!.



On some Cummins applications, you can squeeze another half pound of boost out of your truck using an optional Banks’ Billet Heater Delete. And… unlike some setups, when winter comes, you can put the Heater back in.


shown with optional Banks’ heater delete 42732 installed

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