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Banks Monster Ram

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History of the Banks Monster Ram

Banks Power has a long history of working with Cummins to create after-market parts to improve the engine’s performance. One of these improvements, which helped them win a speed record back in 2002, was replacing the stock air intake with a custom-designed one. They have taken that record-breaking design and modified it to work with 1998-2007 Cummins 5.9L engines and 2007.5-current Cummins 6.7L engines. 

The following information focuses mainly on the Banks Monster Ram for the 6.7L Cummins engine. If you have a 1998-2007 5.9L Cummins and would like to learn about the products related to your vehicle you can click here to skip ahead.

Banks Monster Ram

Why should I replace my stock Cummins intake?

The stock design for the Cummins 6.7L engine has a few limiting factors that the Banks Monster Ram Intake gets rid of. The overall problem with the stock part is that it not only has less airflow, but it is restricting the airflow as well. Here are a couple of areas where Banks have improved the design.

Body Shape

The stock intake manifold elbow has a very compact, flat design. It starts at the inlet with a sharp almost 45-degree angle that quickly turns into a short, squarish tube, and then slants drastically down toward the outlet. Sharp angles are especially bad for airflow because they create pockets of turbulence within the tube. Turbulence is where the air curls around and back on itself instead of flowing forward. It creates backflow and resistance to oncoming air, and can drastically reduce the amount of airflow that can pass through the intake at a time. 

Cummins Stock Intake

The Outlet Opening

Stock Ram Cummins air intakes have a wide, yet short, outlet opening. Looking at the opening from the front, the opening looks sort of squished, and while it is an obvious restriction in airflow, there is a good reason for it–the stock No. 1 fuel line. 

In the design of the 6.7L Cummins Engine, the stock No. 1 fuel line travels across the path of the intake in a way that doesn’t provide sufficient room for the intake to connect to the intake manifold. Cummins solution? Indent the outlet casing so that it can slide under the fuel line. The result? A steep slanting turn right before the outlet, and a much smaller opening than one would want. In other words: a major loss of airflow. Unfortunately, there are aftermarket air intakes that have followed a similar thought process in their design.

The Heater

While the heater isn’t a direct component of the stock intake, it is a direct, major restriction to the airflow. The stock heater sits inside the intake plate which is between the air intake and the intake manifold. In design, the heater resembles a grate of small, straight bars, sort of like what might be found in a barbecue. It takes up much of the open space in the intake plate and destroys the air density since the air has to separate to pass through the openings. The heater is also a known cause of a pretty serious problem called “Broken Bolt Engine Failure”

Why does Broken Bolt Engine Failure happen? 

The heater is secured by a plastic brace that is connected to the plate by a couple of bolts. As time passes, soot and carbon buildup collect on the heating plates and the plastic brace. This not only makes the heating unit less effective but can also cause the heater to overheat, or malfunction. The plastic brace can melt, and the bolts can come loose. If a bolt comes loose, which unfortunately isn’t a rare occurrence, it will fall into cylinder #6 of the intake manifold, and begin to cause damage. There is no way of knowing beforehand how much damage the bolt will cause if it enters the intake manifold, but once it falls into the manifold, damage is inevitable.

Placeholder image

Banks Monster Ram vs Stock Intake

To counteract the many restrictions caused by the stock design, Banks Power created its intake–the Banks Monster Ram Intake. Everything about the design of the Monster Ram Intake was done with the intent of helping to maintain the MAF, Mass Air Flow, or Air density that the intake system is trying so hard to bring to the engine. 

Banks Monster Ram Intake

The body of the intake is made with a sweeping curve that turns 120 degrees to connect to the intake plate. The inlet is 3-⅜ inches wide in diameter and the outlet is huge. There are no sharp turns, so turbulence is minimized, and the outlet opening is much larger than the stock intake’s outlet and all competing aftermarket brands. Why is it that Banks can make a larger opening where others couldn’t? Simple, Banks Power created a solution to the actual problem. 

The stock No. 1 fuel line is the number one reason why the stock intake and most aftermarket intakes have a restricted outlet opening. To overcome this, Banks Power created a No. 1 fuel line replacement that angles up and over the front of the Monster Ram intake, which enabled the Banks intake to have a full front that enables airflow instead of restricting it. Banks includes this fuel line replacement as part of the Banks Monster Ram Intake Kit.

And speaking of things included in the kit, let's talk some more about the heater.

Banks Monster Intake Heater Coil

As we mentioned above, the stock heater is extremely restrictive to Mass Air Density and is a potential hazard to your engine. In their redesign of the air intake, Banks Power removed the troublesome heating apparatus and replaced it with a small, yet effective heating coil that extends into the Banks Monster Ram. 

This new design has two major benefits. The first is that the heating coil effectively heats the air with minimal obstruction to the airflow. The second, which was an unplanned yet fantastic side effect, is that removing the stock heating unit also removed the possibility of it causing engine failure. That is tens of thousands of dollars of potential damage that Cummins owners no longer have to worry about.  

Banks didn’t stop there either. Since they were able to completely remove the old heating element, that left the stock intake plate with a less-than-optimal-sized hole. So Banks Power decided to replace the intake plate as well. The replacement is the Banks High-Flow Billet Plate, a machine-billeted intake plate with a large hole that perfectly matches the outlet hole of the Banks Monster Ram. And, like the improved fuel line, it is included in the kit.

Banks Ram Intake Coil Intake

The Banks Monster Air Intake has enhanced monitorability.

Many people who use Banks Power products talk in their reviews about how they can feel the difference that they make, but one of the great things about Banks Power as a company is that they like making their products and can show them as well. If you are a “See it to believe it” type, then you will be happy to learn that the Banks Monster Air can connect to the Banks IDash. With the IDash installed, you can watch in a real-time feed of the temperature, pressure, and airflow and see for yourself the amazing difference that this intake can make for your engine.

Banks Ram color options

You can customize your Monster Ram Intake

While color doesn’t have any effect on the Monster Ram’s performance, it does affect the aesthetic of your engine. Gale Banks is a car enthusiast who understands that other car enthusiasts like to have options that allow them to express their personality, especially with engine parts. This is why all the 2007.5-current monster rams for the classic cab come with three color options: Red, Black, or Raw.

Red is the classic color and matches the color of many of Banks' other aftermarket parts and accessories. It stands out against the grays and blacks of a regular engine build and is a wonderful choice for those who want to show off that they are using a Banks Monster Ram. 

Black is great for those who want a sleek, uniform look to their engine. There are very few setups that a black intake won’t look good with.

Raw is the natural color of the aluminum and is left unpainted so that car enthusiasts can paint it whatever color of the “Skittles rainbow” they want.

Banks Monster Ram Intake Kits

Banks Monster Ram 2007.5-Current Cummins 6.7L Kits

The Banks Monster Ram Intake Kit has everything you need to get your Cummins 6.7L engine running better than ever. The kit includes the Monster Ram Intake, a replacement No. 1 fuel line, the Banks High-Flow Billet Plate, a cosmetic heat shield for the EGR system, a heating coil, all the fittings and bolts, and some thread locker to help ensure that everything is bolted in nice and tight. 

The Banks Monster Ram provides a larger space for improved airflow from the intercooler. Tested to flow 72.7 lbs/min MAF  (Mass Air Flow) when used with the included Banks’ High-Flow Heater and Billet Intake Plate. That is nearly twice the amount of MAF of the stock intake which only does 38.6 lbs/min MAF. The increased airflow raises boost and makes the engine more responsive, and efficient. 

Also, some of these kits are emissions-compliant in ALL 50 STATES, including California. That is something that nobody else on the market can claim.
2007.5-2012 Model Years: Currently Pending CARB Compliance
2022-2024 Model Years: CARB in Process

Banks Monster Ram kit

Gen-2 Monster-Ram Intake System for 2007.5-2012 Ram 2500 & 3500 6.7L Cummins

Gen-2 Monster-Ram Intake System for 2013 - 2018 Ram 2500 & 3500 6.7L Cummins

Gen-2 Monster-Ram Intake System for 2019 - Current Ram 2500 & 3500 6.7L Cummins

Banks Monster Ram Chassis Cab Kit

Monster Ram for the Chassis Cab 3500, 4500, and 5500

If you have a Cummins 6.7L 3500, 4500, or 5500 with a Chassis Cab then you are in luck. Banks Power has created a Banks Monster Ram kit for your vehicle as well. These kits have all the same components and gains as the classic cab: Intake, heatshield, Banks High-Flow Billet Plate, heating coil, etc. plus additional hardware for perfect compatibility with the Chassis Cab.

Differences between the Chassis Cab and Classic Cab Monster Ram Intake?

These kits are currently emission-compliant in 49/50 states, and pending approval from CARB (the California Air Resources Board), whereas the Classic Cab kits already have CARB approval.

Current color options for the Chassis Cab are Red and Raw, whereas the Classic Cab kits have Red, Raw, and Black.

2013-2018 RAM 3500-5500 6.7L CUMMINS Chassis Cab

2019-2024 RAM 3500-5500 6.7L CUMMINS Chassis Cab


Banks Monster Ram and Twin-Ram intakes for the Cummins 5.9L Engine

Starting in the early 2000s, emission standards around the United States began to become more and more strict, with new regulations rolling out every couple of years. Making an engine that could perform within the limits of the restrictions became more and more difficult and even made a few engine manufacturers throw in the towel and direct their attention solely to off-road applications. Cummins is one of the companies that persevered and is still making new engines each year, and as computers and technology continue to progress these new engines become more and more complicated.

One of the biggest reasons why so many people love older cars and trucks is that the engines that power them are much simpler and straightforward to work on. However, they lack the improvements in performance gains that newer engines have. To bridge some of the performance gap between old and new Cummins engines, Banks Power created Monster Ram and other intakes for 5.9L Cummins engines from 1994-2007. Read on to learn more about the impressive gains that these products could provide to your “old” truck.

Monster Ram Intake

Banks Monster Ram Kit for 1998.5-2002 Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins

The Banks Monster Ram 42764 is the best replacement on the market for an aftermarket intake for the 5.9L Cummins. This system increases boost by 1.23 PSI over stock and provides 56.9% more than competing brands.

The kit includes an air intake with a 3.5-inch diameter that has been CNC port-matched to the stock heating unit and the Banks Billet Heater Delete, one mandrel-bent boost tube also with a 3.5-inch diameter, and connecting hardware. 

Monster Ram Intake kit
Monster Ram kit image

Banks Monster Ram for 2003-2007 5.9L Cummins

For those who have a Cummins 2003-2007 5.9L engine Banks Power has created two different kits. Each is marked as giving an additional 1.23 PSI than the stock intake and is also rated to outboost competing brands by 56.9%. The only difference between the two options is that one comes with the mandrel bend Boost Tube, and the other doesn’t. The Banks Monster Ram for 2003-2007 Cummins is designed to work with the stock intercooler pipe.

Banks Twin Ram Intake Manifold for 1994-1998 5.9L Cummins Engines

The Twin Ram manifold system by Banks Power is specially designed for non-EGR 1994-1998 5.9L Cummins engines. These engines are known to have an imbalance in the airflow. The reason for the imbalance is that the stock intake only has a single outlet that is situated in the middle of the six cylinders. As the air leaves the outlet the majority of the air is pulled in by cylinders 3, 4, and five, leaving less air for cylinders 1, 2, and 6. This creates hotspots and uneven power production in the cylinders.

Banks Power Twin Ram overcomes this problem by increasing the amount of air coming in with a wider-than-stock inlet, and then splitting that air into two channels instead of one, making it easier for the air to travel and be distributed evenly and between all six cylinders. This regulates the temperature and improves the power rating, engine durability, and mileage, while also reducing emissions.

Banks Monster Ram


High-Ram Intake Systems for 2003-2007 Ford F250, F350, and F450 6.0L Powerstroke and 2005 Excursion

They aren’t a Banks Monster Ram, but they will give your 2003-2007 Ford truck a nice boost in power. Switching out your stock intake with a Banks High-Ram opens up the path of airflow from the intercooler to your intake manifold by 64%. Made from streamlined-cast metal the High-Ram delivers where the stock part restricts. Each High-Ram kit comes with a 3.5-inch mandrel bent boost tube.

Important Fitment Note: The 2005 Excursion has two different manifold options. It is important to identify which one you have as that will indicate which Banks High-Ram (PN 42750 or PN 42751) is right for your vehicle. See the image below for reference.

 Banks High Ram fitment image

2003-2004 FORD F250/F350/F450 6.0L POWER STROKE, AND 2005 EXCURSION

High Ram 2003-2004

Banks-High Ram 42750


2005-2007 FORD F250/F350/F450/F550 6.0L POWER STROKE, AND 2005 EXCURSION

High Ram 2004-2007

Banks High Ram 42751


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