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Banks' Ram-Air differential covers for full-size pickup trucks are proven to out-cool, extend lubrication life, and reject heat faster than any other cover on the market. The patented design cools 5x better than flat-back covers because of the competition’s failure to direct airflow. With over two years of development and testing, the Banks Engineering team was able to uncover and solve the issue of poor airflow and flawed fluid dynamics. Proprietary Ram-Air scoops direct air through channeled fins, cooling the differential and internal oil temperatures. The superior design outperforms the competition, reducing gear wear and maintenance.


Key Features

  • Available in Black Ops, Natural Aluminum, or Satin Black/Machined Finishes
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Construction for Exceptional Strength and Precise Fit
  • Magnetic Fill Plug with 20° Angle for Easy Fill which Simplifies Oil Changes.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Hardware Hex Flanged Mounting Bolts.
  • Sight-glass with Contrast Screen and Viton O-ring Seal.
  • 25 External Radiator Fins offer 677.64 Square Inches of Surface Area to Ensure Optimal Heat Rejection.
  • Recessed Magnetic Drain Plug Simplifies Oil Changes.
  • Ram-Air System Directs Cool High-Velocity Air Through Radiator Fins, Eliminating the Dead Zone.
  • Designed with Breakaway Scoops.
  • 1/8in NPT Port for Transmission Temp Monitoring.


A Banks diff cover retains the same low point as factory and competitors so you never sacrifice ground clearance. All Banks diff covers include a sensor port for transmission temp monitoring, angled easy-access fill port, magnetic drain plug to simplify oil changes, and sight glass for easy viewing. For the best performance and results, Banks recommends AMSOIL lubricants because of the thorough testing of their full synthetic formulas.

The Banks Diff Cover is die-cast from A380 aircraft aluminum for exceptional strength and a precise fit. The installation kit comes 12-point chrome-plated flanged mounting bolts. 24 external radiator fins offer 534 square inches of surface area to ensure optimal heat rejection, giving class-leading heat rejection. Patented Ram-Air Scoops direct cool high-velocity air through radiator fins, eliminating the dead zone. A handy half inch stainless steel sight-glass with contrast screen and Viton O-ring seal, together with a recessed magnetic 3/8” drain plug with 3/8” square drive make oil changes a snap.



The new Banks diff cover cools 5 times better than flat-back diff covers in on-road towing tests over the same road with the same weather, driver and vehicle. It cools 118% better than flat-back covers in controlled 200hp 60mph sustained dyno tests. The new patented design features Ram-Air scoops. These force air up and into massive heat radiation fins providing the fastest cooling on the market. The high velocity air overcomes the “dead air zone” behind your differential. And, the fins are engineered to break-away if they are snagged on an obstacle.

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