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Gale Banks Engineering is a recognized world leader in engine tuning. They have become that leader by consistent innovation, testing, and improvement. Now you can take advantage of their performance tuning experience and innovation with their AutoMind 2 Programmer. The Banks AutoMind 2 Programmer comes “ready to run” with pre-loaded performance tunes right out of the box! Its calibrations were developed with power and increased MPG in mind. The AutoMind 2 can also display a host of critical engine functions and provides “service technician” diagnostic capabilities with its ability to scan and clear vehicle trouble codes.


Key Features

  • Extensively Tested & Validated
  • Full Color 2.8" Screen
  • Adds Horsepower & Torque
  • Speed Limiter Adjustments (Cruise Control is disabled when this feature is activated)
  • Adjust or Remove the Engine Rev Limiter
  • Speedometer Calibration Based on Tire Size & Gear Ratio
  • Adjust Shift Points and/or Shift Firmness
  • Adjust the Cooling Fan Activation Temperature
  • Read & Clear Trouble Codes
  • Internet Updateable
  • Comes With Fuel Economy, Towing & Performance Tunes
  • Will Not Disable or Defeat any Emissions Devices such as EGR, CAT, DPF or DEF


Banks is the only record-holding engine builder in the programming game, and now that expertise can be yours!

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not intended for use on vehicles that originated as cab-and-chassis vehicles or that were built for use in Mexico. Use of the Banks AutoMind 2 will result in improper running and a partially disabled vehicle.

Installation Instructions

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