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The diesel fuel in your truck contains contaminants such as dirt, water and air vapor. These contaminants reduce power and over time damage your diesel fuel injectors. Introducing the AFE DFS780 Diesel Fuel System, with its patent-pending design capable of removing power-robbing entrained air, water and contaminants. The DFS780 also boosts fuel pressure ensuring constant availability for the high-pressure transfer pump, improving throttle response and horsepower at all RPMs.

Key Features

  • Full-Time Operation & Boost Activated System Options
  • Clear high-impact polycarbonate sight glass allows visual inspection of fuel
  • Helical bronze spur gear pump design runs quieter than straight cut gears
  • IP56 Marine Grade Motor (protected against dust intrusion and powerful water jets)
  • Contoured CNC machining of manifold passages enhances flow to reduce pressure drop
  • 1/8” NPT fuel pressure gauge port
  • Viton seals which are compatible with most diesel and biodiesel fuels
  • Typical installation time is two hours (plug and play – no modifications to fuel tank)
  • Completely reversible – No damage to vehicle
  • Built in the U.S.A.


The DFS780 was designed from the beginning to eliminate weaknesses found in other “fuel transfer” systems. aFe spent almost four years engineering the best, most reliable system available. Depending on your specific application, the DFS780 offers features such as boost-activated fuel flow increase, a high-impact polycarbonate “sight glass” to visually check fuel conditions, a reliable “marine grade” motor and Viton seals – just to name a few.

The DFS780 is powered by your ignition and can be run independently or in parallel with the stock fuel pump. Additionally, a 1/8” NPT Fuel Pressure Gauge Port allows for attachment of an external pressure gauge to monitor fuel pressure if desired.


The DFS780 is made specifically for your vehicle. It comes complete with all hardware, brackets, fuel lines and wire harnesses, allowing a simple installation. No cutting or drilling of the vehicle, and the installation is completely reversible. Installation is plug and play. The supplied harness attaches directly to the battery and utilizes Deutsch weather-proof connectors. No cutting or modifications of the stock fuel lines is required. A direct bolt-on heavy duty steel mounting bracket mounts to the frame and utilizes an existing hole to secure.

AFE DFS780 Complete Kit with All Necessary Components
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