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More About Snow Performance

Whether you are just starting out with a stage 1 boost cooler, hitting the race track with a stage 3 boost cooler system, or simply after a water-methanol reservoir tank – Parleys Diesel Performance has the Snow Performance products you’re looking for. Snow Performance offers stage 1, 2 & 3 boost coolers and all necessary accessories like their proprietary Boost Juice mix.

With their top-of-the-line Stage 3 MPG-MAX systems you can expect gains in power with cooler EGT’s, reduced emissions, and more fuel economy. Snow’s diesel MPG-MAX systems provide measurable gains in fuel economy. In diesel trucks, the MPG-MAX kits give owners 1-3 MPG in fuel economy improvements, and the 7 gallon reservoir will typically take you 1000 miles before it needs refilling, or about 500 miles if you’re towing a heavy load.

Snow Performance water-methanol injection systems come with a standard 2 year warranty. Lifetime warranties are also available. If any questions come up, take advantage of Snow’s trained technicians. Armed with years of water-methanol injection knowledge & tons of hands-on experience, you can turn to them with any questions – tuning or otherwise – no need to guess — especially with something as important as getting the most out of your diesel engine.

Snow Performance Boost Cooler water/methanol injection systems feature the best:

  • ENGINEERING – Each system has been designed and tested by Snow’s engineers to ensure reliability and robustness. The Boost Cooler will do what it should do for a long time. No failure prone brass or rubber is used and their component flow rates are calculated and speced to work flawlessly with each other. Snow Performance pumps are designed with exclusive features to ensure reliability and strength.
  • DIGITAL VARIABLE CONTROLLERS – Not just boost actuated, Snow Performance hase specially designed controllers for each vehicle application to ensure maximum power. Snow Performance has 7 different control systems, and they are each specifically mapped and designed for their applications. Most Snow Performance controllers feature true 2D maps facilitating the most correct injection and power under all conditions for the most advanced systems available.
  • HIGH PRESSURE/HIGH VOLUME PUMPS – Snow Performance pumps are specially designed to deliver higher pressures and reliability. Features include: higher pressure, integrated check valve, and thermal protection for safety. Each pump is pre-tested and designed to work with methanol.
  • UNSURPASSED ATOMIZATION – Along with higher pressures, Snow Performance nozzles are specially designed to spin the fluid supersonically before forcing through a venture-shaped orifice for the best atomization available. Better atomization means more power and cooling. These nozzles are also specially machined for ease of installation and clear spray pattern.
  • TRAINED TECHNICAL & TUNING ADVICE – Snow Performance’s trained, knowledgeable technicians are available to help you. They have more data and hands-on experience with diesel and gasoline applications than anyone so you dont have to guess.
  • WARRANTY – Life time warranty available. Even the standard warranty is a full 2 years. Snow backs its systems with industry leading warranties.
  • SAFETY – Snow Performance’s new SafeInjection is the ultimate in safety for even the most aggressively tuned applications. This ensures worry-free power in even the most demanding racing applications as well as full power on the street.
  • COMPLETE KIT – When you buy a Boost Cooler, you get a complete kit right down to the reservoir and sealant. Also, Snow Performance offers more kits for specific applications than anyone. Eliminate the guess work – get a kit for your vehicle complete with installation instructions that include vehicle specific photos and performance backed up with dyno charts.
  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE – All water/methanol systems are backed with dyno data proven by numerous magazine articles and more World Records than anyone. Buy the same kit the pros and championship race teams use buy the Boost Cooler from the Water-Methanol Injection Experts.