S&B Intake Manifold Elbows

S&B Filters Intake Manifold Elbows

S&B Filters Intake Manifold Elbows offer a 32.6-55.3% improvement in airflow depending on vehicle application. S&B chose to manufacture their Diesel Intake Elbows out of cast aluminum instead of a composite material to eliminate the risk of them bursting in the field.

S&B Filters Intake Manifold Elbows Features:

  • S&B’s Intake Elbows include 1/8" NPT ports for simple gauge and power adder installation.
  • S&B Filters tap all the ports on their CNC machines, so you can be assured of a perfect fitment without scraping your knuckles.
  • O-Ring seal provides for leak-free operation. Whenever possible, S&B utilizes an o-ring to seal the elbow and provided worry free operation for the long haul.
  • Clear Passage Way for Smooth Airflow. While many of their competitors insert bolts through the air chamber to secure their elbow, S&B kept it clear to provide you with the best possible airflow.