S&B Cold Air Intakes

S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Kits

S&B manufactures Cold Air Intake Kits for all of todays most popular engines and vehicles, including the Ford Powerstroke, Chevrolet Duramax and Dodge Cummins, improving both horsepower and torque as well as fuel economy and providing engine protection. S&B actually manufactures their products. Their competitors are more expensive because they have to purchase some or all of their components from other companies.

S&B Cold Air Intakes are easy to install providing you with an OE fit and aftermarket performance. Most kits install in 30 minutes or less! Installing a S&B Intake Kit will not void your vehicles warranty. If a dealer does deny your warranty repair, S&B will quickly reimburse you for the repair and will pursue the dealer to recoup the cost.

Filtration is what separates S&B Cold Air Intake Kits from their competitors. S&B Filters is able to provided exceptional airflow characteristics without sacrificing efficiency. S&B Filters are designed and tested to meet the ISO 5011 Air Filtration Test Standard, the worldwide accepted benchmark for measuring the performance of filters and intake kits.