MBRP Exhaust Tips

MBRP Exhaust Tips

MBRP makes exhaust tips to fit every truck, taste and budget. Cut styles include straight cut, slight angle cut, and heavy angle degree cuts. Tips are available in T304 stainless steel high polish, or high temperature heat coated black steel. You can choose from a variety of different exhaust tip lengths and diameters. Most are between 12 and 18 inches in length, allowing for use on a dual rear wheel truck, or if you just really want to stand out from the crowd. Tip diameters can be as subdued or as aggressive as you prefer, with some tips being up to 8 inches in diameter. All tips are made from high quality materials and are consistently some of the best exhaust tips in this business.

MBRP T304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips

  • T5049 4″×5″×12″ Dual Wall Straight
  • T5050 4″×5″×12″ Rolled Straight
  • T5051 4″×5″×12″ Rolled Angled
  • T5052 4″×5″×12″ Single Wall Angled
  • T5053 4″×5″×12″ Dual Wall Angled
  • T5072 4″×6″×12″ Dual Wall Angled
  • T5073 4″×6″×12″ Rolled Angled
  • T5074 5″×6″×12″ Dual Wall Angled
  • T5075 5″×6″×12″ Rolled Angled
  • T5081 4″×4″×12″ Turn Down
  • T5085 5″×5″×14″ Turn Down
  • T5086 4″×5″×14″ Turn Down
  • T5124 4″×5″×18″ Rolled Angled
  • T5125 5″×6″×18″ Rolled Angled
  • T5126 4″×7″×18″ Rolled End
  • T5127 5″×7″×18″ Rolled End
  • T5128 4″×8″×18″ Rolled End
  • T5129 5″×8″×18″ Rolled End
  • T5130 4″×6″×18″ Rolled End

MBRP Black Finish Steel Exhaust Tips

  • T5051BLK 4″×5″×12″ Rolled Angled Black
  • T5053BLK 4″×5″×12″ Dual Wall Angled Black
  • T5072BLK 4″×6″×12″ Dual Wall Angled Black
  • T5074BLK 5″×6″×12″ Dual Wall Angled Black
  • T5124BLK 4″×5″×18″ Rolled Angled Black
  • T5125BLK 5″×6″×18″ Rolled Angled Black
  • T5127BLK 5″×7″×18″ Rolled End Black
  • T5128BLK 4″×8″×18″ Rolled End Black
  • T5130BLK 4″×6″×18″ Rolled End Black