Magnaflow Off Road Pro Series

Magnaflow Off Road Pro Series (ORPS) Exhaust Systems

If you’ve not been able to enjoy the performance benefits of an aftermarket performance exhaust because of the way you use your diesel truck, Magnaflow’s Off Road Pro Series (ORPS) diesel exhaust systems may just be the perfect solution. Unlike traditional diesel exhaust systems that cross over the back axle before sending exhaust out the tailpipe, the ORPS system does not cross the back axle. It comes with a turn down tip and doesn’t include a tailpipe.

If you routinely place large loads in the bed of your truck, like with a 5th wheel, you may have experienced rubbing or even crushing of your aftermarket exhaust by the truck bed as it’s pressed down under a heavy load. We’ve even seen aftermarket exhausts with holes rubbed all the way through. With the Magnaflow ORPS, that’s not a problem anymore.

Backed by Magnaflow’s standard lifetime warranty, these all stainless steel mandrel bent Magnaflow exhausts are purpose built for off road racing or heavy hauling. Dyno Tested and proven, you can expect gains in horsepower, torque and fuel economy. Your truck’s exhaust note will have Magnaflow’s famous smooth mellow sound. All hangers, clamps and hardware are included.