Diesel Power

More About DieselPower

DIESELPOWER® optimization modules are designed and produced by H. & N. Electronics GmbH — a German company that has over 20 years experience as a worldwide leader in designing, developing, and producing diesel optimization systems. Since 1990, thousands of European drivers have experienced the benefits of DIESELPOWER® supplementary electronic modules — specifically engineered for use on modern diesel engines.

All Diesel Power tuning products are TUV and E-1 certified! TUV certification involves rigorous testing of the applications for which the component is designed. It includes verification that the device satisfies the strictest European regulations for the industry which the component was designed for and ensures the component specifications are stated correctly. Periodic retesting of the component is required to maintain TUV approval and the certification is without question the most comprehensive testing any product would undergo. In the case of a tuning module, TUV approval means the product complies with legal European exhaust-emissions standards.

TUV testing of a tuning module includes verifying the use of quality materials in the manufacture of an automotive product. Emissions standards must be similar to the original manufacturer’s standards, there can be no danger in the fit or use of the product to the vehicle, and all stated power and economy figures are verified as accurate and are not misleading.

DieselPower CR and PD modules have also attained the E-1 certification which verifies that the tested component does not damage or conflict with any other component on the vehicle. This commitment to quality is reinforced by the very best customer service, which aims to ensure that every customer is fully satisfied with all aspects of their DieselPower diesel engine optimization module.