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More About BD Diesel Performance

Comprised of five divisions to focus on diesel power components for the entire vehicle, BD Diesel Performance has the parts you need for your diesel truck. These five divisions are Fuel Injection Calibration, Exhaust Braking, Electronic Circuit Design and Assembly, Transmission and Torque Converter Design and Re-manufacturing, and Turbocharger Design. Let’s take a closer look at each unit inside of BD Diesel Performance.

Fuel Injection Calibration. BD Diesel Performance is a factory-certified service center, calibration and repair lab for Bosch, Stanadyne, Delphi, and Zexel. This level of experience and expertise in diesel fuel injection components makes them one of the preeminent re-manufacturers of mechanical and electronically controlled diesel fuel pumps and diesel injectors for all diesel engine applications.

Exhaust Brakes. BD Diesel Performance introduced the first diesel exhaust brake clear back in 1989. With a long history of successful design in exhaust brake manufacturing, BD today designs, tests and builds both engine brakes and remote mount systems, either air or vacuum actuated. With a rugged cast iron body and a stainless steel butterfly valve and shaft assembly, BD’s exclusive variable orifice technology is built into each BD Diesel exhaust brake. This helps build peak efficiency quickly, and holds it consistently, making for a better breaking experience.

Transmission and Torque Converter Design and Remanufacturing. Increased horsepower and torque so common in upgraded diesels today require transmission modifications to ensure reliable operation. BD Diesel Performance has engineered solutions for higher power for all Ford, Dodge and Chevy/GMC diesel truck transmissions. Their complete exchange tow or race transmission assemblies are made to handle twice the amount of factory torque. Application-specific valve bodies and accumulator bodies are also available. BD Diesel Performance offers some of the strongest torque converters in the industry, with custom-designed stators, furnace-brazed fins, double and triple clutches and stamp-forged covers which are stronger than billet steel for high-horsepower and torque applications.

Turbochargers. BD Diesel Performance is an engineering test facility for industry leaders Borg Warner/Schwitzer and Garrett. BD is a leader in the diesel turbocharger industry and offers many well known and widely used turbos for Dodge, Ford and Chevy/GMC diesel trucks. Their Super B Single and new Killer B turbos are some of the most popular on the market. For the past five years, BD Diesel has operated a turbocharger remanufacturing facility, allowing them to offer new and remanufactured diesel performance turbos.

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