Banks Six-Gun with IQ Monitor

Banks Six-Gun Tuner with IQ Monitor

Looking for the premier tuner and monitor combo for your pickup truck? You’ll find it in the Banks Six-Gun tuner paired with the game-changing Banks iQ Monitor. Calibrated for racing and sport, the Six-Gun can deliver pavement-shredding gains. With up to 7 on-the-fly changeable power levels, the Six-Gun is makes power by interacting with your truck’s timing and fuel pressure. The Banks iQ does more than simply monitor the Six-Gun tuner; this advanced micro-computer keeps you in the loop & in control of your vehicle’s power settings and vital engine parameters.

Key Features

  • Extensively tested & validated
  • Up to 7 change-on-the-fly power levels
  • ActiveSafety feature safeguards the drivetrain
  • AutoRate protects the engine
  • Huge 5" color touch-screen Banks iQ Monitor

Don’t destroy your truck with the wrong power programmer! The Banks’ Six-Gun Tuner contains an exclusive suite of features that adjusts the engines fuel rate according to prevailing conditions. Dubbed AutoRate™, these features constantly monitor various conditions and provide ActiveSafety™ to help safeguard the drivetrain with patented Banks’ technology. While other tuners offer-up confusion when selecting the proper tuner settings, Banks Six-Gun tuner with the Banks iQ monitor delivers clarity with 7 distinct levels for superior versatility — lower levels are ideal for heavy towing, while higher levels are suited for cruising and sport. Protect your truck, not destroy it, with the Banks Six-Gun.

Watch it all happen as the Banks iQ keeps you informed by displaying important parameters and on-screen alerts that you set — and it’s also an OBD-II scan tool! The Banks iQ provides 2-way communication with system alerts and status indicators all on a 5" touchscreen — use it for total control of your Six-Gun Tuner. With the iQ you can achieve the best gains all with a touch of your finger… and so much more. As Banks calls it — Amazing!