Banks BigHead Wastegate Actuators

Banks BigHead Wastegate Actuator

Keep your wastegate from blowing open — when turbo exhaust backpressure increases, the stock actuator prematurely blows off its seat, softening boost in the midrange and killing torque. With a diaphragm twice the size of the stock wastegate & double the spring pressure of the stock, the Banks Big Head wastegate actuator is a simple way to achieve higher peak boost and increase mid-range pulling power.

Key Features

  • Doubles the stock’s diaphragm area & spring pressure
  • Produces massive torque right from idle
  • Achieves higher peak boost sooner
  • More mid-range muscle
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Note: Designed to work with the stock turbo only.

Banks Big Head produces massive torque right from idle, achieves a higher peak boost — sooner — and maintains more boost throughout the powerband by eliminating premature wastegate blow-open. With higher overall peak boost levels, quicker spool-up and increased torque. The Banks Big Head is the perfect addition to any performance module, air intake or exhaust system.

Gale Banks talks about the Big Head and diesel compressor surge here. (Note that the article talks in regards to Ford diesel trucks, but the majority of the content is applicable to all major modern diesel engines.)