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From their headquarters in Sycamore, Illinois, Auto Meter continuously works to improve their product lines. Real-world testing leads to new designs, new technology and more functional gauges with all the bells and whistles every auto enthusiast could ever want. There are so many gauges and styles for your diesel at Autometer you’ll be able to fit your diesel with exactly what you’re looking for.

AutoMeter gauges that are popular with Parleys Diesel customers include Boost Gauges, Pyrometers, Transmission Temperature gauges, Fuel Pressure gauges, and even Nitrous Pressure Gauges. These gauges come in a variety of finishes, materials, and colors. Some, like the AutoMeter NV Series gauges and the Cobalt Series gauges, are backlit in various colors to allow you to easily see your diesel performance gauges at night.

AutoMeter’s mechanical boost gauges give you the ability to read boost from 0-35 psi, 0-60 psi, or even 0-100 psi. Full sweep Autometer Pyrometers read exhaust gas temperatures up to 1600 or even up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Diesel transmission temperature gauges come in short sweep and full sweep and read temperatures up to 260 degrees. And diesel fuel pressure, always important to monitor for true diesel performance, come from Autometer with the ability to read up to 100 psi. To monitor the vital statistics of your performance diesel, choose the gauges the pros choose choose Auto Meter Gauges!

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