More About Airaid

Employing the latest in computer-aided design technologies, Airaid manufactures diesel intake systems that fit right, filter like they’re supposed to, and offer tons of flow and performance gains over your stock airbox and OEM air filter. Each Airaid intake comes with a Premium Airaid air filter which is made from multiple layers of a cotton-gauze material combined with one layer of synthetic fiber filtration material sandwiched between a metal mesh. The casing of the filter is hand-poured urethane, which offers superior performance and durability, and wont shrink or crack from prolonged heat exposure under the hood.

Airaid Premium Filters are 100% washable and reusable and come with a lifetime guarantee. Because of the combination of synthetic and natural filtration fibers, Airaid Premium Filters capture the smallest dirt particles that regular ordinary cotton-gauze filters can’t trap. Your diesel engine is protected by filtration that this is second to none with Airaid. Today, Airaid is a recognized leader in air intake management for both gasoline and diesel engines. Upgrade your ride with Airaid!

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