More About AEM

AEM Intake was founded in 1987 by John Concialdi (J.C.) and Bob Sullivan as a tuning performance shop catering to vintage automobiles and the latest trend in street racing, modified imports. Innovation has always been AEMs core competency, and their products are consistently put to the test by the industrys leading automotive publications and websites.

AEM was one of the first companies to engineer and design performance aftermarket induction systems with specific tube lengths and diameters to take advantage of pressure waves in the inlet tract. The tuning of the inlet tract dimension creates more control over the RPM range being affected. AEM began to explore the advantages of cooler air on combustion efficiency way back in the mid nineties and coined the phrase Cold Air Intake.

Always an innovator, AEM worked with K&N Engineering in 1999 to design conical air filters with built in air horns at the filter base to greatly enhance air flow into the inlet duct. They also developed the first dual chamber intake kits designed to generate more power over a broad RPM range. One of their most important inventions was a unique air bypass valve, designed to help avoid hydro-lock situations for systems where the filter is low enough to encounter water at certain times. Now AEM is fully aligned with diesel cold air intake giants K&N, and the results of combining AEM innovation with K&N’s experience, global reach and manufacturing expertise has made AEM a force to be reckoned with in diesel performance cold air intakes.

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