Water Methanol Injection

Diesel owners come to Parley’s looking for the tools and information to help them make educated decisions about how to upgrade their vehicle. Everybody wants improved diesel fuel economy. We’ll happily use more horsepower and torque, as long as it’s safe power that won’t damage any other vehicle components. And some diesel owners just want to go faster, and are looking for the best way to do it. Water injection and water methanol injection for turbo diesels may not be mainstream yet, but as more and more savvy diesel owners discover the unique benefits of water methanol injection, this little corner of the diesel performance galaxy is getting bigger every day.

Why are we so stoked about water methanol injection? There are many reasons; greatly reduced Exhaust Gas Temperatures is a primary one. Decreases of 250 degrees Fahrenheit are common when using an equal parts water and methanol mix. That means you can combine water methanol injection with a diesel tuner and keep your EGT’s at a viable level. After all, what good is a diesel performance chip that adds tons of horsepower if you can’t use it because of too much heat?

If you are towing, water-methanol injection is like the best friend you never knew you had. Because you get an increase of 50-100 Horsepower, combined with a drop in EGT’s, now you can tow without having to worry about overheating as you go up long hills in the middle of the summer.

Need another reason to like water methanol injection? How about increased fuel economy. Methanol is a higher octane fuel than diesel, and methanol injection will lead to a near 100% diesel fuel burn rate. Because methanol has a cetane number of 4CN, it makes power safely without spiking cylinder pressures. Fuel economy increases vary depending on your vehicle, but a 10% to 15% improvement is typical. This translates to somewhere between 1-3 mpg on most diesel trucks, and diesel cars like the Volkswagen TDI often get up to 4 mpg in fuel economy gains. Click on our water methanol injection kits above to see the products we offer and to learn more about this amazing diesel performance tool.