Digital Gauges

Companies like Edge Products in recent years have released data monitors like the Edge Insight CTS that plug into the OBDII diagnostic data port on most 1996 and newer vehicles and give you access to a host of helpful and cool features. In addition to being able to monitor up to 8 different engine parameters at a time, you can also run 0-60 mpg and quarter mile performance tests, set your own user-defined audio and visual alerts, even hook up to Edge’s back-up camera which engages your Insight CTS screen when you put the vehicle in reverse. Talk about a cool safety feature! Hooking up to your trailer unassisted is a snap now. And all these features are controlled by simply touching the large color screen!

Other data monitors like the WatchDog Economy Monitor from Bully Dog come with proprietary software programs designed to help you maximize every drop of fuel and save big at the pump. Bully Dog’s Driving Coach helps train you to drive in the most fuel-efficient manner possible, and testing has shown that using a data monitor like the WatchDog Economy Monitor can lead to substantial fuel economy savings.

Banks Engineering created their Banks iQ monitor. More than just a data monitor and digital gauge screen, this technological marvel acts as an at-your-fingertips controller for many of Banks’ performance programmers and power modules. You can personalize the full-color touch screen with various backgrounds and images. Pushing the data monitor envelope, Banks even made it so you can view your Microsoft Office documents on the iQ, view pictures you download from your digital camera, listen to downloaded music, even play video games. This thing must really have a high iQ.